Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Roundup

Opening day was yesterday - woo-hoo!! Now I only have 4 rotisserie leagues to track. Should be interesting......

So the Republican Secretary of State in Ohio, the state where there was much voter suppression and funny business, owned stock in Diebold. Diebold is, of course, the company that made the shitty voting machines that had so many, um, issues in 2004.

In a great news day, the BugMan is retiring from the House. Probably because he knows that he will be indicted again or is definitely guilty. However, that doesn't stop the Repukes from defending his sorry ass.

Even though I didn't pick Florida to win it all, just having UCLA lose in the finals was enough for me to come in 3rd and win some cash.....keeping my record of winning money well above .500.

So not only does India take our jobs, but now they are taking our "wardrobe malfunctions" too?

This is just asking for trouble....comparing housewives to donkeys. Only an ass would do that...

And speaking of asses, this gives new meaning to the Terrance and Philip movie "Asses of Fire".

In a sports-meets-US politics moment, soccer refs in Nigeria are told that it is ok to take bribes as long as it doesn't influence their decisions or calls. Um, sure....

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