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Crappy Anniversary - 4 years in Iraq by the numbers

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Over the weekend, I posted a three part series as a detailed (and heavily annotated) account of the many lies and falsified evidence that got us into this mess in Iraq in the first place. And all throughout these past four years, we have heard lie upon lie and unreasonably or unsupported rosy assessments related to how much progress has been made. Or how "freedom is on the march". Or how "the mission is being accomplished".

Or whatever other crap is flung at the American people, Congress and the Iraqis. But here is just a small sampling of some cold hard statistics relating to just how "swimmingly" things are going in Iraq. Some you have probably heard or already knew, but some may be new.

3,217 US troops killed in Iraq since the invasion began. 216 US troops killed so far this year alone. Over 800 US troops killed in each full year since 2004. 1,065 US troops killed since the Iraqi general elections in December 2005. 3 months since March 2005 with less than 50 US troop deaths (including one month with 50). 2.38 AVERAGE number of US troops killed EVERY DAY since the beginning of the invasion.

32,544 US troops injured since the start of the invasion. These are "official" numbers and are likely underreported. 6,300 Iraqi police/security force deaths since 2003. 65,000 estimated Iraqis killed since 2003, although some estimates put the total at over 100,000 AS FAR BACK AS 2004.

Over 2.3 million Iraqis who have fled the country since 2003. This includes much of their professional class and approximately 40% of its middle class. 750,000 internally displaced Iraqi civilians (not including those who have fled the country) as of 2007 - per latest Brookings report linked below.

$409 billion cost for the Iraq occupation to date. 263,000 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan who are expected to need medical treatment by the VA next year. $1.5 billion and $2.7 billion needed in emergency funding for VA services in 2005 and 2006 due to Bush budget shortfalls. 26% increase in Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans over the next year. $800,000,000 CUT to the VA budget from fiscal year 2008 to fiscal year 2009. 0% increase to the VA budget for 2010 - 2012.

550 insurgent attacks during the five month period from August 29, 2005 - January 20, 2006. 520 insurgent attacks during the five month period from June 29, 2004 - November 26, 2004. 180 - 185 DAILY insurgent attacks during November and December 2006.

The following numbers are from last week's Brookings study:

932 US troops under the age of 22 who have been killed in Iraq.

732 US troops between the ages of 22-24 who have been killed in Iraq.

745 US troops between the ages of 25-30 who have been killed in Iraq.

316 US troops between the ages of 30-35 who have been killed in Iraq.

366 US troops over the age of 35 who have been killed in Iraq.

30 is the lowest number of "multiple fatality bombings" in any month since January 2006. At least 30-40 kidnappings per day (although this number is likely vastly underreported). 20,000 "dead enders" who are estimated to comprise the insurgency - this has been a relatively constant number since the middle of 2004, and is likely increasing over recent months.

14,000 "coalition forces" (other than US) in Iraq. This doesn't include the UK forces that will be redeploying to Afghanistan, and is a 30% decrease since last May. 85% increase in weekly attacks on coalition forces since May 2006.

9.6 average hours of electricity per day in the entire country. 5.7 average hours of electricity per day in Baghdad (pre-invasion was 16-24 hours per day). 25% - 40% estimated unemployment rate in Iraq. 50% inflation rate in Iraq for 2006. 12,000 estimated physicians who have left Iraq since 2003 (nearly 36% of the pre-invasion total). 59% of Iraqis rate the current economic situation as "poor". Another 26% rate it as "fair". 75% of Iraqis rate the security situation as "poor". 87% of Iraqis approve of a timeline for US troop withdrawal.

Some other numbers not necessarily from the Brookings report:

22% of Iraqi water treatment plants rehabilitated. 37% of Iraqi homes connected to sewer systems. 25% of Iraqi children who suffered from chronic malnutrition as of May 2006.

58% of Americans want a withdrawal by 2008. Nearly half of Americans would like the occupation defunded by Congress. $10.1 billion in revenues for Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root for 2005. This is a 100% increase from 2002. $7.1 billion and $5.4 billion in Iraq-related revenues for KBR during 2004 and 2005, respectively.

$8 billion in Iraq contracts for Halliburton in 2003. $2.4 billion in a NO-BID deal for Bechtel to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure. $8 - $12 billion in missing and unaccounted for cash in Iraq.

And two final ones, both of which are zeroes: Zero "missions accomplished" and no end in sight.

What a great four years it has been……

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