Friday, October 19, 2007

The one candidate who is already acting like a leader

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I have been a passive supporter and growing less wishy washy in my support for Senator Dodd since right around Yearly Kos. As most people still aren’t following him or his actions in the Senate, I didn’t really follow him until a couple of months ago. And frankly, I still am not really following him that closely. At this point, however, I am more excited about him being our next President than anyone else, other than Gore.

But he has opened my eyes in a way that would make me proud to actively support Dodd’s candidacy because of how much of a leader he IS being now – in the job that he was elected to do, and how he is stepping up on, well just about everything. Yes, Clinton and Obama and Edwards supporters will all think that I am taking a swipe at their candidate, and frankly, I am to a degree. But before yelling, flaming and getting defensive about it, I would gladly vote for any of the three (even Clinton).

And yes, Obama did a great thing with respect to Hans and that gets BIG points from me. I still am a fan of Edwards, even though I am not overly excited by what he is doing – or at least what I hear when I glance a the rec list. But he was where I was leaning, more so by default. And Clinton, well, I can say that I’ll be voting for her.

All that being said, I think that it is time to get serious about supporting someone whose actions back up his words and whose credentials are also rather impressive. But, how can you NOT support Dodd if you go down a list of issues that matter to you and see his positions and actions and that he is saying and doing things because they are RIGHT, not because they are SAFE.

Today’s action on the FISA bill was a no-brainer. Many Congressional Democrats who were until just recently in the minority had complained that they couldn’t do anything and had no power because of the Senate rules and being in the minority. Now that they are in the majority, they should be able to do some things that America wants them to do.

Anyone can put a hold on a bill or an action. This week, we saw two such instances. And, as I said above, that scored big points with me. But with a track record of introducing bills on withdrawal from Iraq on his own as well as with others like Feingold and Reid, we know his position on Iraq. And more importantly, we can be proud of his position AND actions he is and has been taking on this very important matter..

What is just as important is that whole “unitary executive” issue this country is going to have to unravel, Dodd has introduced legislation called the Restoring the Constitution Act (an idea that I am proud to share with Senator Dodd).

With Dodd, you are already seeing him lead and command respect. He is taking actions, sponsoring legislation, doing what is right for America - RIGHT NOW. He isn’t waiting until he would be inaugurated. He may be talking about how he would lead if elected President, but he is also showing how he is leading in whatever capacity he currently can.

He has made me really want to vote for him. He is someone that I would be proud to actively support. He is someone that I can feel good about telling others about taking a harder look at as a candidate. Why so many people are overlooking him is beyond me. He deserves a good hard look. He is acting like a leader.

And he can use your support.

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