Friday, January 04, 2008

Thank you, Senator Dodd

Just a short post here to express my thanks to Senator Dodd for all that he has done to raise the issues of restoring the Constitution and for his actions during this campaign.

Although I had a hunch that there may be no New Hampshire for the good Senator, I was holding out hope. But as reported last night, Dodd is dropping out of the race for President.

The campaign still has a number of excellent candidates, but a voice that was of strength and taking bold stances where few others would take the stands that he did is now out of the campaign.

Regardless of whether he had a shot of winning, the fact that some of the issues he stood for and the things that he brought to the debate - I am proud to have supported the too-short candidacy and campaign until the end.

At least we can look forward to Dodd continuing his strong leadership in his currently elected position in the Senate, and I look forward to continue having him represent my values and stand up for what's best for this country.

And no, he wasn't perfect on all votes, and this is not to diminish anything that Obama, Edwards or Clinton did tonight, but it is an expression of thanks to someone who ran an uphill campaign and just continued to take the lead in the Senate - even if it was against his party leadership.

Thanks again, Senator - the only consolation is knowing that you are still fighting for us in the Senate.

I look forward to you being the next Senate Majority Leader.

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