Thursday, June 12, 2008

Corporate media finally wising up to the real McCain?

I’ve been quick to point out the coddling of John McCain by the corporate media, and have (like many) been frustrated when his verbal diarrhea went virtually unnoticed during the Democratic primary process.

But over the past week or so (as a coincidence or not), it seems like there is a breaking through of the various “gaffes”, other comments, crazy-ass policy positions and general confusion by McCain – and the coverage has started to show.

Of course, there are still the strong denials and stubborn comments made by McCain or Lieberman or his neocon and lobbyist advisors, those at Fox News or the NRO or whoever else is making to deny the reality, but (and here is the key) there does look like an opportunity exists where we can continue to force the narrative on McCrazy’s comments and positions and since they are so far out there, they may get the additional coverage that has been lacking for so very long.

Obviously, since there are so many, they aren’t ALL going to get coverage (like the “bottled hot water to dehydrated babies” or the “vetoing every beer” comments he made last week), but a quick search of the various news articles and corporate media web sites does provide hope.

On USA Today’s home page, the two top stories under “Path to the White House” are McCain Troop Withdrawal Remarks Draw Fire and Polls: Women Favor Obama. Similarly, a quick search – you know, it’s a google, shows a number of other recent not-so-flattering articles about McCain.

There is the Boston Herald headline John McCain: I can’t be a referee which discusses the fact that he is flip flopping on his positions regarding the 527s that will be running attack ads and how he is helpless to do anything about them. Yahoo News asks “Did John McCain just say what I think he said about Iraq?” and MSNBC asks, is “John McCain ‘confused’ on foreign policy?”.

Today’s Wall Street Journal discusses McCain’s and Obama’s tax plans, but the headline is “McCain’s Tax Plan Favors Wealthiest, Analysis Says”, and that is complimented by the Boston Globe’s Obama promotes middle class tax cut. Interestingly and on the flip side, Lifenews is calling out the corporate media for erroneously NOT indicating that McCain would try to seek a Constitutional amendment banning abortion. Now, THAT is something that I would love to see pointed out.

Even the ultra rightist US News & World Report had the following to say in a post titled Obama blasts McCain on the economy:

In a speech in Raleigh, NC that is receiving largely positive coverage, Sen. Barack Obama sharply attacked Sen. John McCain's economic proposals, seeking to tie then to Bush Administration's policies. Media accounts generally describe Obama's remarks as a shrewd strategic move.

Almost as shocking is the Washington Times (no, that is not a misprint) hits McCain on taxes in a post titled “Tax record catches up with McCain” which talks about his voting record not matching his rhetoric on taxes.

ABC News has one of it’s main posts on the front page titled “Strange bedfellows: Obama and evangelicals” that talks about the “animus that many have for McCain”, the Houston Chronicle has a similar type article titled “Baptists are left guessing about McCain” and even Novakula himself penned a post titled “McCain’s evangelical problem”.

CBS News (via Politico) has a post titled “Record Gas Prices Could Hurt McCain” and the LA Times discusses “John McCain’s Ohio disconnect”.

And these are just over the past few days. Granted, this isn’t necessarily more than an indication of a few stories in a relatively short period of time. But there was this Newsweek article from February that was titled “Why the Right Hates McCain” and now that the entire political media climate isn’t sucked in by the Democratic primary battle, and as the country continues in the downward spiral economically, this does present an opportunity to keep pushing the narrative on McCain.

Not everything will break through – probably not nearly enough, but if the past few days are any indication, then it does show a willingness to point out the inconsistencies of McCain’s comments, actions and voting record. Also, notice that I did not include anything from the New York Times and the only thing I included from the Washington Post was from Novak. McCain is one of the most flawed candidates that we have seen in years.

And even the corporate media can’t continue to hide all of his flaws – especially when there are so many, there are so many missteps, misstatements and positions that go against what the vast majority of Americans want, need or believe in.

We regularly and rightfully rail against the corporate media when the so very often fail to do their jobs. But here is an opportunity to recognize the opening that has been given and exploit it in order to establish the narrative on McCain – and have it driven through in a way that we never would have otherwise expected.

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