Friday, July 18, 2008

Scott Garrett's new low - hating on Americans with disabilities

As noted by Howie Klein, the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments (HR 3195) was overwhelmingly passed yesterday by a vote of 402-17.

And once again, Scott Garrett was one of the 17 - the only republican from New Jersey (again) to vote against these Amendments. Is this because Garrett hates all Americans with disabilities? Is this because he thinks they don?t need protection against discrimination? Or is this a stick in the eye of opponent for NJ-5?s House seat Dennis Shulman, who has overcome many obstacles, including his own disability?

Here are some of the things that Garrett voted against yesterday:

  • Specifically rejects the erroneous Supreme Court decisions that have reduced the protections for people with disabilities under the ADA, restoring original Congressional intent.

  • Makes it absolutely clear that the ADA is intended to provide broad coverage to protect anyone who faces discrimination on the basis of disability.

  • Clarifies the definition of disability, including what it means to be ?substantially limited in a major life activity.?

  • Prohibits the consideration of mitigating measures such as medication, prosthetics, and assistive technology, in determining whether an individual has a disability.

  • Provides coverage to people who experience discrimination based on a perception of impairment regardless of whether the individual experiences disability.

  • Is supported by a broad coalition of civil rights groups, disability advocates, and employer trade organizations.

When asked by the folks at Blue America for his thoughts on Garrett?s vote, Shulman offered this sober and rational response:
"I'm not outraged as someone with a disability, I am outraged as someone who fights for the fundamental American value of equal opportunity."

"The Americans with Disabilities Act is a landmark piece of legislation that has provided millions of Americans with equal access in virtually all areas of life, including education, the workforce, and technology. Perhaps without it, I wouldn't be here to offer a sensible alternative to an out of touch career politician like Scott Garrett."

As an American, I am outraged at the latest extremist vote by Garrett. And as a resident of this District, I am ashamed to be represented by someone so out of touch with reality. Any support for Dennis and his campaign will go a long way towards bringing sanity back to NJ?s fifth district.

The contrast between the candidates couldn?t be clearer.


Anonymous said...

If Dennis Shulman would come up with an economic plan better than Scott Garrett's, then later on, he might be able get all the laws about disability he wants passed properly.

Anonymous said...

Scott Garrett is obviously a complete idiot. Did you see the snot-nosed moron, Andrew M. Grossman's comments to the Senate about the ADA Amendments Act? He's also a bigot.