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The complete transformation from "Straight Talk" to GOP whore

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It's never too early or fruitless to have opposition research available for the Republican "heavyweights", especially the ones who have a name already, and ESPECIALLY those like McCain who is still known as the "maverick Republican" that many remember him branded as during the 2000 campaign.

But, he has certainly taken a much different route over the past six years, and the way that McCain is portrayed will go a long way towards whether we will be saddled with another GOP whore as president. His positions on many of the issues are already out there and easily available for compilation, and I am not going to focus on them here.

However, I wanted to focus on the way that McCain has totally become a whore of Bu$hCo, the GOP in general or however you want to slice it.

Today's NY Times has an article today entitled A New Partnership Binds Old Republican Rivals, which (although not with the tone I would have liked) shows how much McCain has sold out whatever "principles" he had in his quest for the White House.

For starters, here are a few things that should NEVER be forgotten:

Remember that one? While New Orleans drowned and thousands of people were stranded for days without food or water, Bush and McCain enjoyed a nice big cake. Well, here is another one for you:

This is a man who was smeared during 2000 by Bush, Rove and the rest of the sleazy scum that is the GOP slime machine. That he was "unstable" due to him being a POW. That he may have fathered an illegitimate child. Smears against his character. Against his family.

This is a man whose entire 2000 campaign was predicated on the "fact" that he would tell it like it is. That he wouldn't lie. That he wouldn't sell out. That he wouldn't stoop to the same level as Bush and Rove and the other bottom feeders.

And yet, this is the same man that only a couple of months ago, hired one of Tom Delay's key players in his money laundering crimes as a top advisor to his PAC. A man who was named in DeLay's indictment, who was also the RNC's Deputy Chief of Staff as well as Bush's former political director.

Today, we find out more about the man who has completely transformed himself from that "maverick-straight talking honest Republican" to a total Bush whore who has shown that he will hire anyone, get in bed with anyone (politically, of course...) or align himself with whatever scummy lying criminal corrupt individuals, including the ultra-foaming at the mouth lunatics in the Dobson crowd, that he can get his dirty hands on in order to whore himself into the best position to be the GOP nominee for 2008.

Before you say, let's focus on 2006, forget about 2008 right now - I say that it is never too early to start cutting down the myths, the lies, the "contenders" so that we don't have to deal with it later on. Destroy the hype and spin before it even starts - that is what the Republicans do, although they just make shit up instead of actually getting the truth and facts out there.

So, what has "Mr. Straight Talk Express" been up to lately?

Well, we can start with all of the political advisors that Bush (and obviously Rove) have used in smearing people like McCain and lying about, well just about everything:

There has been a steady stream of Bush advisers who have ended up in Mr. McCain's orbit. Most recently, Republicans close to both candidates said that Nicolle Wallace -- who just stepped down as Mr. Bush's communications director and has long been close to the president -- was likely to serve in some formal or informal role in a McCain campaign. Her husband, Mark D. Wallace, Mr. Bush's deputy campaign manager in 2004 and now an ambassador-level representative to the United Nations, is already lending advice. In another high-profile move, Wayne L. Berman, a longtime supporter and fund-raiser for Mr. Bush, has signed on to help Mr. McCain.

Hmmmm...a former communications director for Bush. Her husband who was also Bush's deputy campaign manager in 2004. A "longtime supporter and fundraiser" for Bush. People associated with Tom DeLay. Now these are people that someone who is so "forthright and honest" would really want to associate himself with, especially in a campaign - knowing full well what the track record of these people is in a campaign environment.

But wait, it gets worse - McCain is cuddling up to both Rove and Jeb Bush as far as 2008 goes:

On the other side of the divide, some of Mr. McCain's supporters made it clear in interviews that the McCain camp viewed Mr. Bush's brother Jeb, the governor of Florida, as an ideal running mate for Mr. McCain. This news would presumably be pleasing to President Bush, who has made it clear in recent weeks that he would like his brother to move onto the national stage; Governor Bush has made it just as clear that he has no interest in running for national office in 2008.

And Mr. Bush's senior political adviser, Karl Rove, was said by associates to have put aside his suspicion and dislike of Mr. McCain. The two spent time together during the 2004 campaign when, Mr. Rove told associates, they drew close. Mr. Rove gave Mr. McCain a pair of antique Theodore Roosevelt presidential cufflinks at the end of that race.

Cozying up to someone that felt it was more important to spread around the name of a covert CIA agent and her front company as well as other "soon to be declassified" information in order to score political points. That same someone who was kicked off of Poppa Bush's campaigns for dirty tricks. That same someone who likely was the architect of the disgusting things that were said about McCain during the 2000 campaign.

ANOTHER BUSH on the ticket? Isn't that reason enough to torpedo this myth about McCain?

It's a true shame that the NY Times, that paper which is so against freedom and is so treasonous has chosen to paint this "partnership" as two professionals in politics who are trying to work together in order for each to reach their own goals. The real story here is how quick someone in such a high profile is so quick to become a shill and sell out whatever principles he has in order to attain higher office. Isn't that EXACTLY what McCain has billed himself out as?

Lest we also forget how much he has supported Bush as well. Take these for example:

Behind the scenes, during a month in which he repeatedly came to Mr. Bush's public defense, Mr. McCain called the president to offer words of support, he recounted in an interview.

"I said, 'Look, hang on, things are bad,' " Mr. McCain said. "I said, 'I'm proud of the job you are doing, and I wanted you to know that I will continue to do what I can to help.'

"I've tried, when his numbers went down, to be more supportive and outspoken, because I'd love to pick him up," Mr. McCain said.

The senator showed that again on Sunday in an interview on the ABC program "This Week," saying he was "proud" of the president's leadership on immigration and emphasizing cooperation with the administration on a former issue of serious contention, the treatment of American-held prisoners of war.


"On a series of very tough issues, McCain's been there," said Tony Snow, the White House press secretary.

John McCain: "Proud of the job that Bush is doing". That says it all. The "straight talk express" is now "screw the truth, let's hire the dirty tricksters and corrupt GOP machine".

The complete transformation from perceived "maverick" to just another BushCo whore is complete.

This is the John McCain that everyone needs to hear about. The true and real John McCain.

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