Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Video: Torture of US soldiers was retribution for rape

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And there it is. The horrific disgusting truth (as far as we are being told) about the torture and murder of our 2 brave soldiers. A video released earlier today claimed that the two soldiers who were tortured and beheaded was revenge for the brutal rape and murder of a 14 (or so) year old Iraqi girl and her family members.

Did you hear that Georgie? Did you hear that Rummy? Your failed policies of lies, greed and aggression have led to the military accepting (see, I don't say "actively recruiting") people that have no business representing the United States, let alone carry a gun and have the authority that they do. And because of this, the "few bad apples" do stupid STUPID things that can only be described as unadulterated evil. And those stupid evil acts got their own soldiers killed as payback.

I am so angry that I could spit fire right now.

The Mujahedeen Shura Council, a group claiming to be linked with Al-Qaeda and who previously claimed responsibility for the torture and murders, released a video today that indicated:

A statement by the group said the video was released as "revenge for our sister who was dishonored by a soldier of the same brigade."

It said that as soon as fighters heard of the rape-slaying, "they kept their anger to themselves and didn't spread the news, but were determined to avenge their sister's honor."

"God Almighty enabled them to capture two soldiers of the same brigade as this dirty crusader," said the written statement posted along with the video.

But no, no, no.....the US "investigators" say that this isn't so and that there is "no evidence" to suggest that the two are linked. In other news, the Pentagon says that there is "no evidence" that the earth really revolves around the sun.

The video is, as expected, gruesome and disgusting, and frankly, I don't even have the heart to rehash it or describe the grotesque details in honor of the fallen soldiers. But the release of the video was first reported by the SITE Institute, which monitors extremist Web sites.

The anger that I have at how much the civilian military leadership, the Bush administration and the neocon war criminals (can I be more clear that I am NOT attacking our troops???) is only exceeded by my desire to see that these war criminals who have put our troops in harm's way, lowered our recruiting standards to accept people who could pose a danger to their fellow troops and created this death and destruction brought to justice themselves.

And that day can't come soon enough.

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