Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just A Reminder About Who is Weak on Security

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With the huge victory by Lamont last night, we are once again hearing the inevitable call of Democrats are weak on security”. We hear it from Dear Leader himself. We see it on And no doubt, the talking meatsticks at Faux News will be parroting it.

And yet, I am once again reminded of a jedi mind trick-like game that my friends and I used to play in college when we were caught doing or saying something that is either embarrassing or something we didn’t want to get caught doing. And that was “Deny. Deny. Accuse.”

With the chickenhawk neocon war criminal republicans, we are long past the “Deny. Deny.” phase and are well into the “Accuse” phase. But amid all of this accusing by the republican cowards, I am also reminded of a cruder but just as appropriate phrase:

“He who hath smelt it, hath dealt it.”

And boy have the republicans dealt it.

Weak on security. Hmmmmm…..where shall we begin? Maybe with this summary of prominent republicans, Democrats and talking meatsticks who have served in the military. Quite a list – including Cheney’s five and Ashcroft’s seven deferrals. Of course, none of the neocons who crafted up their little game of failed world domination served. Nor did Newt, Jebbie, Cat Killer, MC, Hastert and all of our favorite “pundits”.

Of course, we know who stepped up to serve their country when duty called.

But there is no reason to stop there. Because WWII, Korea and Vietnam are so, you know, “pre-9/11”. And considering that the republicans who are so strong on security have controlled all three branches of the government during this little fiasco of a half decade, they got noone but the one in the mirror to blame for where we are now.

Well, you get the picture. Deny, deny, accuse is a very powerful tool. Hell, it helped the republicans steal win elections in 2000, 2002 (if you count Cleland and probably a few other races) and 2004. So with a track record like that, of course they are going to trot that strategy out again in 2006.

It fooled enough people in 2002 and 2004. And hopefully in the words of Dear Leader himself:

fool me once, shame on you. Fool me---you can’t get fooled again.

Let’s not let people get fooled again.

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