Friday, August 04, 2006

'We could not make people accept the gift of freedom'

Those are the words of one Congresscritter Jo Bonner (R-loonyville AL) in talking about Iraq and Iraqis.

Now, Bonner gets the smallest amount of props for recognizing the painfully obvious fact that this ass backwards invasion of a sovereign country based on lies with no shred of a plan other than "Shock `N AweTM" may (his words, not mine) fail.  But damn, comments like this are exactly what galls me so much.  

Playing politics with people's lives is despicable.  As is spinning torture, use of illegal chemical weapons, the fact that there was never any real consideration for the very troops that were sent to fight for an undefined cause with not enough armor, outdated equipment and no idea of what "course" they should be staying in the first place.

And people like Bonner need to be called out and removed from office, at the very minimum for their continuing lies, spin and insensitivity.  A more appropriate action would be to hold these people criminally accountable for willful negligence, participation in perpetuating war crimes and supporting illegal actions by our so called Commander in Chief.  

As more of a cruel irony of Bonner's comments, and what makes them even worse is the fact that while Bonner was talking about this great gift that Dear Leader and the rest of the neocon war criminals were so gracious to bestow on the Iraqi people, we had this happening:

During their stay in Iraq, violence continued unabated. On Sunday, the Department of Defense reported that four Marines were killed the previous day, adding to a military death toll nearing 2,600 since the United States invaded in March 2003. On Monday, gunmen kidnapped 26 people from the Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce and a mobile phone company office in Baghdad, according to the Associated Press.

The gift of freedom?  Are you for real?  Every word of that statement is a farce.  A lie.  A willful smack in the face of those tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians who have been killed since the invasion.  A flat out lie in the face of overwhelming documentation for pretty much any way you want to define what has gone on in Iraq.  

Freedom.  Like the estimated 600+ attacks EACH WEEK by "insurgents" on our troops.  On other Iraqis.  On innocent women and children.  Or the civil war that even General John Abizaid, Commander of the United States Central Command and William Patey, Britain's outgoing ambassador in Baghdad have warned Congress and Tony Blair about, respectively.

A "gift".  Like the white phosphorus that Bush ordered to be used on all of Fallujah.  Or the fact that there is one third to one half of the electricity in Iraq per day.  Or maybe that gift is the unemployment rate in Iraq which is now somewhere between 60% and 80%, leading to the potential for higher levels of "sectarian violence".  Maybe I have it wrong and the gift really is the increase in diseases due to lack of physicians and the absence of appropriate levels of health care.  

Those damn ungrateful Iraqis.  Not even thankful for all of the gifts that were offered to them in the way of sanitation, water, malnutrition by our thoughtful leaders who obviously had a great plan to protect the Iraqi oil ministry citizens after ordering the illegal bombings and invasions.  Why wouldn't they want to accept these gifts of freedom that we were so generous to offer?  Do they really hate freedom so much that they wouldn't even accept our "democracyTM at gunpoint"?

Jeez.....And to think there are still those `Murkins who wonder why the rest of the world has the opinion that they do of us.

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