Monday, September 11, 2006

Hijacking Tragedy

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It was exactly one year ago when I posted my 2nd diary on DKos - a piece remembering 9/11, as well as the hypocrisy of those who were supporting the "freedom walkTM" (remember that?). And as bad as the hypocrisy and divisiveness in this country was one year ago, it has sadly gotten so much worse over the past year.

I really don't know where I am going with this, other than the fact that, being someone that was in NYC on 9/11 when the attacks happened, I still have an overwhelming sense of sadness, grief, reflection and disgust at all that has happened to this country that I once loved so dear, and am now trying so very hard to help right.

The overwhelming attention to the ABC lies which will be broadcast tonight and tomorrow are just the latest in what has been a glaring and scathing indictment of not ony Bush, Cheney and the neocon war criminals, but those in the mainstream media, in right wingnutistan, and even friends or family (who I am unfortunately not nearly as close with as I was a few short years ago) who have chosen to hijack (and yes, I am aware that I am using that word to describe it) the tragedy, the sadness, the grief, the mourning and any sense of decency towards the horrific events that unfolded that day as "theirs" in the name of torture, illegal acts, suppression of freedoms and rights, murder and so called "patriotism" - which, by the way includes those stupid fucking American flag lapel pins that the hypocritical monsters wear with a smug attitude and only serve to cheapen what this country is all about and the ideals it was founded on.

And today, as I was reflecting back on my actions and thoughts that day, I just got, shall we say, a wee bit full of complete disgust towards the selfish, soulless, petty, simpleminded chickenhawk fearmongerers and what they have done to this national tragedy.

Last I checked, men, women, people of all races, wealthy people, middle income people, poor people, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Asians, Democrats, Republicans, atheists and any other "group" were either killed, had a family member who was killed, knew someone who was killed or was otherwise effected by the terrorist attacks. This was a tragedy that belonged to ALL OF AMERICA, not just "`Mukra".

Not just republicans. Not just neocons. Not just "conservatives".

I remember each and every thing I did and saw those first few hours after the towers were hit. I remember walking down Third Avenue around noon on 9/11 with a friend, heading towards his apartment since I lived outside of NYC and had no way to get home. Third Avenue runs uptown only, yet there was bus after bus filled with police, firemen and other rescue workers speeding DOWN the street, towards Ground Zero. I remember seeing Building 7 fall a few hours later.

I remember smelling smoke and foul odors a full month later at my friend's apartment all the way up on 86th Street. I remember watching people walk around looking like zombies - all trying to process what had just happened to our city - our country. I remember thinking, "where the hell is Bush during this time". I remember thinking "why were no fighter jets scrambled once the planes were off track". I remember an overwhelming sense of patriotism myself, as the city, and country, and world rallied behind us. Hell, I even remember cheering from the stands as Bush threw out the first pitch at the World Series, despite having to wait over an hour longer to get into Yankee Stadium.

And then it all changed. And maybe people are right when they say that "9/11 changed everything". Because it showed both how great, thoughtful and kind people can be, as well as how meanspirited, divisive, duplicitous and selfish people can be.

How DARE Ann Coulter say that the 9/11 widows are enjoying their "payout" and are cashing in on 9/11. How DARE the wingnuts claim this tragedy as the impetus for all of the death, destruction and suppression of rights that we have experienced. How DARE Bush, Cheney or anyone else lie about how Iraq had anything, ANYTHING to do with 9/11 - especially to advance a criminal agenda both here and abroad. How DARE anyone point to rational, reasonable people who love this country but hate all of the immoral and illegal things that have been done in its name over the past five years as "traitors", "terrorist sympathizers" or any other despicable epitaph that they can conjure up. And of course, how DARE Disney, ABC or whoever else use the fifth anniversary of one of the worst days this country has ever seen to advance a political agenda.

Those that have been using this horrible day for personal, political or any other gain should rot in hell. Those that point the finger elsewhere and call those who disagree with their closed minded arrogant bullshit-masquerading as patriotism actions horrible names should be cursed with a lifetime of explosive diarrhea. Those who have used this tragic event to divide this country to the point where intelligent discourse is nonexistent, where facts have no place in the news, where "truthiness" counts more than the truth and where Tom Cruise is more important than lies by our top government officials are the lowest form of scum.

And those who have hijacked this tragedy in the way that they have over the past five years have no place in this country - or in any civilized nation on this planet. I reserve the greatest contempt for them.

How DARE anyone use this day to deny anyone else the right to remember, reflect, speak out, demonstrate, mourn or act in any way they feel comfortable doing - especially with lies and finger pointing. That is not patriotism. That is not American.

That is just vile.

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