Friday, September 15, 2006

Over 130 Iraqis Found Tortured Over the Past Three Days

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Thirty MORE tortured and bullet-ridden bodies were found around Baghdad today, although estimates are that it could be as many as fifty bodies. That is in addition to the sixty five tortured and bullet ridden bodies found on Wednesday and the twenty which were found on Thursday.

And that isn't even the worst news - the United Nations thinks the numbers are a lot closer to 100 bodies per day.

Yet, Chimpy McDryDrunk and Captain Blackheart still say how much safer Iraq and the world is with Saddam out of power. Civil war? Where? How dare you insinuate that? Don't you know that only emboldens the terrorists?

I haven't written much about Iraq for a while, not only because it was too depressing, but it seemed to be more of the same horrific news that we all know about but don't seem to see or hear about anywhere else. You know, that whole "don't want to waste our beautiful mind" thing....

But this is just completely over and above being "sectarian violence" or even a civil war. This is now outright barbaric. And our troops are stuck in the middle of this (without proper body armor or equipment) for what now? What course are we staying?

This is "spreading freedom"? This is "progress"? Pardon the language but give me a fucking break. This is unspeakable (and thankfully, we know that the news won't dare speak of it).

But just see what is going on in Iraq now.

Friday, September 15:

Police found 30 bodies bearing signs of torture Friday, the latest in a wave of sectarian killings sweeping the Iraqi capital despite a monthlong security operation.


All the bodies found Friday had signs of torture, and one that washed up on the banks of the Tigris River had been dismembered.

A spokesman for a prominent Sunni Arab political party was shot and killed by gunmen, said a party official who did not want to be identified because he fears for his life.

But wait - our troops (who don't forget how much the flag pin wearing chickenhawks "support" so much) are being killed at higher rates as well:

A U.S. Marine was killed Friday in Anbar province, and an American soldier was killed Thursday evening by a roadside bomb northwest of Baghdad, the military said. The soldier was the fifth to have died on Thursday, making it a particularly bloody day for U.S. forces.

Thursday, September 14:

Not a good day either. As noted above, five of our troops were killed on Thursday. But that doesn't include those who were "wounded" - no doubt that these were just minor flesh wounds that don't need to be counted. Of course, we know how the US has lied about the death count by excluding, you know, deaths. And how is that "security crackdown" going in Baghdad?

The U.S. military acknowledged a "spike" in the murder rate this week, despite a month-old security crackdown in the capital for which Washington sent in thousands of extra troops. Six died on Thursday, four around Baghdad, including two in a suicide car bomb attack that also wounded 25 Americans.

And what do the Iraqi officials say? Well, they are pretty much throwing up their hands to this, as it has become "commonplace" for them:

"It's barbaric but sadly we've become used to it," the Interior Ministry official said of bodies found around the capital, in both Sunni and Shi'ite areas. "Forty bodies, 60 bodies -- it's become a daily routine."

A daily routine. Gee, it really sounds like a real love fest going on in Iraq. That is some "last throes", Dick.

Wednesday, September 13:

Sixty five tortured and bullet ridden bodies found around Baghdad, and at least 25 more killed on "other violence". But we don't want to discuss torture because as Bush told Matt Lauer, "we don't want the enemy to adapt". But just for shits and giggles (not), let's see what actually went on:

The hands of most of the dumped victims were bound, and they were blindfolded. Most of the dead appeared to have been shot to death, and many showed signs of having been tortured.

The apparent resurgence in execution-style murders, which are often associated with sectarian violence and death squads, came as U.S. and Iraqi patrols have been sweeping Baghdad neighborhoods in search of insurgents and sectarian militiamen.

And what about that "other violence"? Well, it targeted police stations in three areas of Baghdad, with over 90 wounded:

Other violence in Baghdad on Wednesday targeted police convoys or stations. At least 14 people were killed and 67 wounded after a car bomb and an improvised explosive device went off near Al Shaab Stadium in east Baghdad at around 10 a.m. The blast appeared to be targeting a police convoy.

Two hours later, a bomb in a parked car exploded near a police patrol from the Zayona police station in east Baghdad. Eight police officers were killed and 19 civilians were wounded.

Two mortar shells landed on al Rashad police station in southeastern Baghdad, killing a policeman and wounding two others, police said. Two more policemen were killed when two mortar rounds landed near their station in Baghdad's eastern neighborhood of Mashtal. Three others were injured.

This is way WAY more than just "totally fucked up". This is something that was anticipated by all those except for the ones who were in charge of the illegal invasion and occupation. These deaths are on the hands of the war criminals who had no plan and who continue to have our troops under equipped, overworked and without proper armor in a place and a country that they never should have been in to begin with.

I've said it many many times and will say it again. Bring. Them. Home. Right. Fucking. Now.

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