Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What the hell is this crap?

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Excuse me, but file this one under “are you fucking kidding me?” Is Iran targeting New York City for terrorist attacks? Is that the crap that we are now going to be subjected to?

Forget the fact that al Qaeda – the goddamn group that attacked the US on 9/11 – is regrouping. In fucking Pakistan – a country that is supposed to be our bestest buddies. And is working with the Taliban (also regrouping in Pakistan) to launch attacks in Afghanistan against US and NATO troops. AND, if that isn’t enough, launching specific attacks targeting Vice President Cheney just yesterday.

So since we didn’t do the job by completely dismantling and hunting down these terrorists and terrorist enablers when the Bush administration decided to cut and run from Afghanistan, shouldn’t we be focusing our efforts on them?

As for the laughable diversion about Iran targeting NYC (which, by the way, is being reported now even though this “concern” was raised six months ago) I just have to ask – is this the best that our sorry ass neocon Iran war drum bangers can come up with? Besides the fact that this story wasn’t even picked up anywhere other than the NY Post and reported on Fox 5 News last night (but nowhere on its’ website) there are just so many things to doubt and (if it weren’t so scary) laugh at here.

It has gotten so bad for Ahmadinejad that another senior cleric blasted him for his persistence in giving the UN the finger about Iran’s nuclear program. The country doesn’t want war with the US. They are more concerned with, you know, food, inflation, and other basic necessities. And yes, Iran may not have our best intentions in mind (and may be a bit antagonistic) but they did reach out to the US multiple times for some level of diplomatic relations.

But the $64,000 question is - why the hell would Iran want to attack the US? And the $32,000 follow up would be, what do they have to gain by attacking the US, and what do they have to lose by attacking the US? Plus, if they have so much control over Hezbollah (as the Bush administration likes to say when it is convenient for them), then why would they want Hezbollah to launch attacks inside the US?

This makes less sense than the Chewbacca Defense.

The obvious answers to these questions are (1) they wouldn’t, (2) nothing, and (3) pretty much everything. If Iran really wanted to attack the US, they can do it to our troops in Iraq (oh wait, I thought they already were doing it in Iraq with all of that “evidence”). If not themselves, then certainly by proxy. Of course, they would have a lot of catching up to do in order to cause as much harm as Pakistan is with its harboring of al Qaeda and the Taliban (remember, you are either “with us or against us”, right?) and Saudi Arabia with its de facto funding of Sunni insurgents. Hell, it could do it there with limited or no repercussions.

What do they have to gain here? I’ll wait for an answer (cue the Jeopardy music)……

Still waiting…..

And what do they have to lose? Well, just about everything. Right now, Iran isn’t looked upon as the aggressor. They aren’t the ones who are invading other countries based on fabricated evidence. They aren’t the ones who are looked at as the laughingstock of the international community. They aren’t the ones who are nearly universally thought of as the biggest menace and threat to world peace. And they aren’t fucking stupid.

One attack and all that gets thrown away.

But we should drudge up years old information (the “videotaping of the subways” that is cited in the Newsweek piece of crap is from 2003) and stir up a big ole helping of fear with months old concerns which have not led to anything credible.

I’ll say it here now – if there is an attack on US soil, and there is always a good chance that it can happen especially since this administration hasn’t done anything to actually make us safer here – it won’t be by Iran. Disclaimer: I am NOT saying that an attack on the US would be done by the Bushies, or by this government (before we go down that road). And if there is an attack – most likely by al Qaeda (if not some homegrown McVeigh-like terrorist), then it will be a direct result of this administration once again not doing its job.

And will only piss more people off – NOT rally them around this administration (maybe around the country, but certainly not around our so called leaders). But I do know that there is no reason why Iran would do something like this.

It has no benefit and is all downside.

Only this administration does shit like that.

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Anonymous said...

Nice use of the Chewbacca Defense in American foreign policy. What you think about Chomsky's take on Khuzestan and America's 'true' motives?