Friday, February 23, 2007

The World According to clammyc - in Haiku

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OK so I am a little hung over and tired this morning, but over at Blue Jersey, there was a bit of Friday morning haiku fun about NJ political happenings. And since it is a Friday, I figured that the day was ripe for some change of pace from the usual.

So, since I was already in the “haiku” mode, I thought that I would bring the mood over to Big Orange and give you my take on what has been going on lately – but not in my typical ranty-linky format.

If you think it is stupid, then kindly piss off click off this diary, but if you are in “that kinda mood”, then hopefully you will enjoy it a bit.Joe Lieberman’s threats to switch parties

A “D” through and through?
We all watched “Say Anything”
And know that Joe lies.

The latest wave of Meta fights

Enough is enough.
MetaJesus needs a break
We’re on the same team.

The UK withdrawal of troops from Iraq

We are now down to
A “coalition of one”
NOT a good sign, Dick.

The Libby Trial

Ari leaked Plame’s name
Dick Armitage leaked it too
Cheney’s in knee deep.

Hillary vs. Obama

Early ‘07
And they’re at each other’s throats
Where are Gore and Clark?


Is he crazier than Bush?
War talk is crazy


Are they helping us?
If so, why won’t they do more
To stop al Qaeda?

Saudi Arabia

Funding the Sunnis
Aren’t they the “insurgents”?
BushCo doesn’t care

Global Warming

Fundies ignore it
It is a reality
We will all be fucked

Walter Reed Hospital

Bush talks a big game
Those who defend the US
Are treated like shit

Iraq Debate in Congress

Both sides do agree
That things are not going well
So bring our troops home

Republican Senators

They want 60 votes
At the rate they are going
We’ll gain 10 next year.

Cheney’s warning to China

Lecturing China
About military stuff
They laugh in your face

Health Insurance

Bush in Tennessee
He laughs when people tell him
That they’re not covered

And one for the road……

The weekend is here
So happy that it’s Friday
I really need sleep.

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