Thursday, May 24, 2007

Are you going to let them bomb Iran too?

Now that the troublesome fight over Iraq funding is safely behind you, at the expense of three months wasted that could at least have gone towards some semblance of a domestic agenda (you know, so at least you have something that you can say that you accomplished), Iran is now back in the news.

Cheney reportedly wants to bomb them again. Bush wants tougher sanctions again.

Are you going to sit back and let this happen too?

Frankly, on the heels of the most stunning of capitulations, why shouldn't Bush and Cheney push the envelope more? They just won first prize in the 2007 Iraq sweepstakes, and figure that they should see what more they can get here.

Are we going to hear "oh, well....we tried to stop them, but there was nothing that we can do"?

Are we going to hear "they shouldn't be doing this and we will make them get approval after they rain hell on Iran"?

Are we going to hear anything at all? That is, anything other than, "all options are on the table"?

Are you going to stop them from doing this?

Or will you tell us that "it really isn't as bad as it seems" once we are too far gone with another country that we can't handle armed and military conflict with?

Don't fuck this one up too.

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