Friday, May 04, 2007

Political Nexus spends "10 Minutes With..." Brian Keeler (NYBri)

As some of you may know, a few of us (including yours truly and thereisnospoon) have started Political Nexus, which we hope will serve as "netroots multimedia center" focusing on progressive political issues. 

We have already recorded four segments of two shows, FrameWork which focuses on the framing behind various political issues, and Don't Hijack My Thread! which is an interactive discussion on five or six of the week's hottest political issues.

We are very excited to announce the start of our third regular show, "10 Minutes With...", where we spend 10 minutes getting to know a bit more about some of the biggest and brightest voices in the progressive political blogosphere.

Our initial show features The Albany Project's co-founder Brian Keeler (NYBri), who is a blog hero to many of us of the left.

As some of you may be aware, Brian helped start not one, not two but three community blogs, including Political Nexus co-founder ePluribus Media, as well as The Albany Project.

Many of you also know that Brian also ran for state Senate in 2006 - making him the first true member of the blogosphere to run for major political office.

In this first installment of "10 Minutes With...", clammyc and Brian talk about his 2006 run for New York State Senate, the work he is doing at The Albany Project as well as our experiences with the most excellent folks at ePluribus Media.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to NYBri and clammyc.

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And Please check out Political Nexus for this and other interesting and in depth (but not too dry...) discussions on hot political issues, featuring clammyc, thereisnospoon and many others

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