Sunday, June 17, 2007

APOLOGIZE? Are you out of your damn minds?

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Excuse me, Mr. republican pot for taking issue with your feigned outrage (yet again) directed towards those evil “kettle” Democrats. This time it is an apology owed by Majority Leader Harry Reid for his remarks about former Joint Chiefs Chairman Peter Pace.

Tony fucking liar Snow wants Reid to apologize. Lying, two faced opportunist John McCain called the remarks highly inappropriate. republican congressman Mike Conaway joined in with his own “outrage”. And, always eager to lap this up, George Stephanopolous hopped all over this today, asking Biden if he thought Reid should apologize.

This, on the heels of the Democratic debates, where the candidates were asked to distance themselves from Reid or other Democrats on various “issues” that were mere nonsense.

Apologize? Give me a fucking break, assholes. You want an apology? Well, maybe when you apologize and take actions to fix some of the thousands of crimes and horrific acts that you watched, cheered on or even perpetrated yourselves. If republicans are so damn “tough”, then why do they go squealing like a stuck pig every single goddamn time someone says something that would “hurt the troops feelings” or “undermine our generals” or whatever other stupid crap they can conjure up?

You want an apology? Why not start with looking in the mirror? And if you can’t because you would be staring at a torture enabling, deficit increasing, corrupt criminal associating scumbag, then I’ll be all the more happy to give a bit of a reminder of the more egregious acts that have been fostered and conjured up by the republican party – and by no means is this list even remotely exhaustive.

Enabling torture. Neglecting the Gulf Coast and stranding tens of thousands to die. Lies about WMD. Lies about Saddam and al Qaeda. Lies about “progress in Iraq”. Cutting and running from Afghanistan. Tax cuts to the wealthy while squeezing the middle class. Abu Ghraib. Extraordinary rendition. Ruining the military. Not equipping our troops. Neglecting veterans. Extremist activist judges that take away our rights. Preference for corporations’ rights over peoples’ rights. Free speech zones. Politicization of the Justice Department. Caging. Promotion of those who have spent their careers suppressing the vote.

Warrantless wiretapping. Outing a covert CIA agent. Swift Boat liars. Making a mockery of the US Attorneys. Funding the Sunni insurgents. Warmongering about Iran. Ignoring bin Laden. Ignoring the disaster in Afghanistan. Politicizing the education department with “No Child Left Behind”. Gutting the environmental laws. Allowing nearly 50 million people to go without any health insurance, and millions more with insurance that won’t cover much of anything. Suspension of habeas corpus. Indefinite detainment of people without charges. Secret CIA prisons overseas.

Corporate media consolidation and suppression of any other voices. Covering up Mark Foley’s disgusting and illegal behavior. Republican felon Jack Abramoff and all of his connections. Tom DeLay’s corruption and money laundering. Neutering the House Ethics Committee. Not testifying under oath before the 9/11 Commission. Ignoring the PDB about Bin Laden striking in the US. Blowing off Iran in 2002 and 2003, then lying about it to Congress.

Lying and distorting Gore’s record in 2000. Lying and distorting Kerry’s record in 2004. Ignoring the will of the people about Iraq. Brownie. Lying about the air quality at Ground Zero and then not helping those rescue workers who developed health problems. Paid propaganda to push the White House agenda not investigated. “Fixing the facts around the policy”. Ruining America’s image around the world. Double standards with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran.

No bid contracts to Halliburton. $8 Billion missing in Iraq. Blackwater. Not using Homeland Security funds to protect nuclear plants, railways, the power grid, the food supply or our ports. Not attending any military funerals. “Listening to the generals” except when they don’t tell you what you want to hear. “Strolls through Baghdad markets” with hundreds of guards and air cover for a photo op. Using white phosphorus in Iraq. Duke Cunningham. John Doolittle. Jerry Lewis. Coingate. Phone jamming in NH on Election Day.

And I am sure there are hundreds, if not thousands more. So stop with the fake outrage. A few words – especially ones that are pretty true – are no match for the depths of corruption, lies, death, suppression, theft and other actions that truly are worthy of much more than a mere apology. Frankly, it has gotten old, boring and stupid.

Demanding an apology. Grow the fuck up already.

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