Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Stay on offense" = "Being a dick"

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We all knew someone who was a “dick” when we were growing up. It could be another name (and if you are offended in any way, please just click the “back” button), but the traits were the same. I don’t mean a bully, although some bullies were dicks and some dicks were also bullies. And not a wiseass either. Wiseasses were funny – sometimes very funny. Bullies were a bit intimidating but not always real dickish (think Jimbo, Nelson and the crew from the Simpsons).

But the “dick” – that was someone who went out of their way to be a pain in the ass. Sometimes, they would inconvenience themselves and those around them in order to annoy or inconvenience others. They would be obnoxious, annoying to those around them, and bother people – just because they were dicks. Frankly, they were just a fucking pain in the ass.

With a lot of anger (rightfully so in many instances) directed at many Democrats lately – whether it be candidates, congressmen and women, or leaders, I do just want to point out a few fundamental differences here, and while I don’t think our crop of candidates and leaders are, um, at the top of their game (hopefully that is all it is) right now, things could be much, MUCH worse.

While it was funny when Team America made this joke, it is all the more obvious that the divide between the republican candidates (and those who they are aggressively courting) and the Democrats (as well as “our” views) is just downright scary.

To take a cliché, “the best offense is a good defense” really applies here. Hell, we even have a Department of Defense and a Secretary of Defense (while the term used to be “war”). A national defense. The preamble to the Constitution even says “provide for the common defense”. And taking measures to protect ourselves as a country include many basic things that aren’t even being considered. Not even from terrorist attacks but from natural disasters and potential accidents among carriers of toxic chemicals, our food supply and many many other things. Good intelligence sharing amongst our agencies and with other countries.

Oh yeah, not to mention not being a dick to other countries and the rest of the world (or the American people, but that is for another time).

Now, I am one to think that we should take all reasonable measures to keep the population protected from the things I note above. And if we are attacked, we should do what we gotta do to those who attacked us. That opinion of mine won’t really change much, no matter how much someone may argue with me on it.

Growing up, we had a rule when we were playing games – usually it was sports and the rule is broad and vague, yet everyone knew when it was being broken. The rule was simple:

don’t be a dick

Obviously, it became the “don’t be a dick rule”, and it has been very handy throughout the years.

So why am I saying all of this now? Well, earlier this week, Rudy Giuliani said at least 5 times how we have to “stay on offense” against “the terrorists” and in order to succeed in Iraq. You know, being a dick. Not doing what we can to protect ourselves – but to piss off more people without thinking it through. Giuliani is a dick.

Newest republican darling Fred Thompson, despite his being on Law and Order and in a movie or two also wants to be a dick. Speaking recently, Thompson said:

Thompson said that the reason we haven’t been attacked since 9-11 is that we’ve taken the offense. He said, over and over again, that regardless of what happens in Iraq, the best defense against terrorism is to stay on offense.

Oh good, more dickishness.

Of course, there are many more. John McCain singing about Iran. Dick Cheney (as if his name doesn’t give it away anyhow) talking about how our military (not intelligence or anything else, but military) must stay on offense to defeat “the terrorists”. Bush wants to “stay on offense” in Iraq. Joe Lieberman (what, are you going to argue that he is more of a Democrat than a republican?) talking about bombing Iran.

All of them – dicks. And that is the mentality that we are going up against. Does this country want its’ leaders to act responsibly? Or does this country want to be led by a bunch of dicks for the next decade?

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