Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Because he can"

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I guess it can also read “because they can”, as this goes way beyond Bush himself. But that seems to be the response that I am hearing most for, well, just about anything that is absolutely outrageous that is said or done by this administration, or its rabid, foaming at the mouth supporters.

And it shows just how ridiculous and vacuous the arguments are in support of some of the most disgusting and vile acts against the Constitution, the American people, the Iraqis and just about anyone else that doesn’t fit into the “lucky sperm” category. And while this is somewhat of a reflection on the 25% who still support Bush or his policies, it is more of a reflection on how far that the general discourse and level of critical thinking has sunk in recent years.

After all, technically, those who say this are correct. Bush can fire any US attorney that he wants to for whatever [legal] reason he wants to – no questions asked. Yet, of the over 400 US attorneys that have served over the past 25 years or so, none were fired “just because”, let alone for issues related to election fraud or investigating high level government officials.

Just because “he can” or because “it isn’t illegal” doesn’t make it right, ethical or even acceptable. Not by a long shot.

Even putting aside the inane ramblings and rantings of the zombies and talking meatsticks whose heads exploded over a blue stained dress, this line of thinking has threatened the fabric of our democracy (small “d” for the time being). There is hardly any two way conversation or debate anymore – and in the limited instances where there is, the ideology and basic viewpoints are so far apart that it is like talking a different language.

Or talking to a brick wall – which may be easier, since we wouldn’t have to figure out just what language said brick wall was speaking.

Outing a CIA operative and the entire network of contacts, who just so happened to be investigating nuclear proliferation at a time when we were invading another country for….supposed nuclear proliferation? Sorry, no crime committed technically, so move on. Just “patriotic” officials doing what was within their legal rights.

Sort of.

Authorize torture, indefinite incarceration and detention of people, just because you can? Disregard the Geneva Conventions? Well, John Yoo has more letters after his last name than are actually in his name, so he must know what he is talking about. And Alberto Gonzales was on the Texas Supreme Court, so he wouldn’t lie, right? Besides, those people at Abu Ghraib had it coming to them, and the troops were just blowing off steam, without any guidance from Rumsfeld anyway. Not to mention the fact that Saddam attacked us on 9/11 anyway.

What’s that? None of that is true? Oh well, if it wasn’t legal, then there would be punishment, and since there was no punishment, then it must have been ok.

Signing statements negating laws? Secret Executive Orders giving the Vice President the ability to declassify whatever he wants whenever he wants however he wants? Ignoring subpoenas based on specious “Executive Privilege” assertions? Suspending habeas corpus for “certain cases” where “enemy combatants” are declared, just because?

Why not? After all, there is nothing that says that this can’t be done, right? And if there is, so what – it isn’t really totally illegal anyway.

So that’s the level that things have devolved to. Not because it is right. Not because it is ethical. Not because it is something that would benefit the American people. Not because it is even completely legal.

Because he can.

Our founders would be so proud.


Ethereal Merc said...

Well, I only differ in one point, my fellow American, and that is 'it's not because he can, it's because we let him'!

Anonymous said...

Your ignorance and lack of understanding of American History and our Consitution is astounding. The Congress authorized the President to go to war in Iraq and with that authority, the executive has extraordinardy authority as indicated by Supreme Court decisions that were made back when Truman was President. A basic civics class would help before writing about the Constitutional authority of President.

Why is the Left so outraged by the alleged Bush corruption when they remained silent during the Clinton era through one of the most corrupt administrations in American History?

Bush is only deemed corrupt by your ilk because he represents something the Left all hates: He is an unapologetic about being American and protecting our interests abroad. For anyone who took the time to read the 9/11 report, it is clear that the failed Clinton policies resulted in 3,000 deaths. Bush had to clean up the mess and has done a better job than the Democrats, many of whom gave him the authority to go to Iraq.

Why don't you move to Cuba with Michael Moore and enjoy their thriving economy and first class health care system. I have a funny feeling after being there for a while, you will come squealing back to America with your tail tucked between your legs. This, of course, assumes that you will still have legs after Castro's killing machine gets through with you.


clammyc said...

ahhhh, Maniac.

Spoken like a true ignorant wingnut disciple of liars, um, "respected journalists" like Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly.

You make me laugh.

Anonymous said...


I don't like O'Reilly - he is a Democrat nor am I a big fan of Hannity or Limbaugh. Ann Coulter of course runs circles around your left wing prose, which is why all you fools react to her hypebole like a bunch of scorned school girls.

Of course, the elitist left can't argue with anyone without calling them stupid. Since who could be smarter than they are? How about George Bush, who was found to have a higher IQ than John Kerry, the man you all flocked to in the last election.


clammyc said...


so predictable. have fun trolling others. I'm not taking your bait.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you stop blogging and get back to stealing elections clammyc? You might be sucessfull in that regard unlike your hero Al Gore who tried to steal an election in Florida despite all the help he got from respectable journalists like Rather, Jennings, the Treasonous Times and other assorted Left-wing rags.

BTW clammyc, for someone who thinks he is so smart, you already took the bait and entertained me greatly with your preprogrammed Left-wing response.


clammyc said...

toying with you like a cat does with a mouse.

It is amusing to see the stunning lack of thought into your comments (Al Gore stealing elections, Democrats stealing elections). Yours is some of the funniest stuff I have read in a long time.

Which also shows and confirms to the others who read your "insight" that to people like yourself, facts just don't really matter.

Anonymous said...


Once again you display your brilliance by comparing yourself to a cat, one of the dumber animals.

I would love to know what facts support your outlandish view of the world. However, it is a fact that the NY Times, Miami Herald and USA Today all counted the votes down in Florida and it was clear that Al Gore lost. As for Democrats stealing elections, open up your history books and go back to 1960 when the Nazi-sympathzing bootlegger in conjunction with Daley stole the Presidential election from Richard Nixon.

I need to go and support our troops who are fighting for freedom in Iraq along with making Haliburton stockholders happy. But I will be BAAACK!!!