Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tell me again why you are even the least bit credible?

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This statement pretty much sums up how I feel about basically anything I hear on the corporate controlled “news”, from “experts”, certainly the Administration or its supporters and sadly, many people who think they know what they are talking about when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

People who have been proven completely wrong, or have been caught time and time again willfully twisting facts, reality, or out and out lied or cheated to broke the law (regardless of whether they were adequately punished, if at all for their transgression), have been proven to be little more than blathering, whining hypocrites are still controlling the discourse – not just who is talking, but who is NOT talking and what is being put out as “conventional wisdom”.

Many of us know this and are frustrated as all hell. Frustrated at those who actually take themselves seriously as they so blatantly say things that only someone so far detached from any semblance of reality, or just plain don’t care that so many people know how full of shit they are because it really doesn’t matter to them anyway. Frustrated at the lack of ability or spine or whatever else to expose them completely, and mock their words with an appropriate level of derision. Frustrated at the lack of a strong voice (or the means to use their own voice) to throw back our heads in a deep belly laugh at the sheer lunacy that emanates from their lying mouths.

But, it is this consistency that gives us the biggest opportunity to change and drive the narrative over the next couple of years. No matter where you look, there are people who are attempting to control the narrative and direction who are not in the least bit credible. Plain and simple. And it is this derision coupled with dripping sarcasm which will go a long way towards further exposing what we are not only up against, but the completely preposterous nature of anything said by these people to be even considered as worthy of serious discussion.

The “long awaited Petraeus report” that is to grace this country in a few weeks? Written by the White House. The pre-emptive “let’s wait and see what Petraeus says” should immediately be replaced with ”there is absolutely no reason to think that anything in this report isn’t fabricated or sugar coated and is the least bit credible”.

William Kristol, Frederick Kagan or anyone else for that matter have no business whatsoever giving any opinion, advice or strategic musing on what the US foreign policy should be in Iraq, Iran or anywhere else. We know what they think. And they have NEVER been right, or even close. Their words should be met with a mocking laugh as if they have any credibility.

Karl effing Rove? Are you kidding me? His business card has his title as “Lying Cheater”As he attempts to rewrite his own history now, and president Bush’s history with his “library”, let’s not forget the great many things that make Rove, as well as every campaign he associates himself over the next year lying sacks. Things like deleted emails, US attorney firing involvement, Tim Griffin and caging, leaking Valerie Plame’s name, being in charge of Katrina construction (how’s that one going), republican felon Jack Abramoff, Swift Boaters are just the very first ones that jump to mind. Any candidate that he helps should be tarred with the association to Rove.

The other republican presidential candidate idiots and “pygmies” (according to a Newt)? Rudy? Racist charlatan who associates with criminals linked to the mob. McCain? Even he doesn’t believe what he is saying anymore. Slick Mitt? Keep playing that clip of him talking about his sons’ great sacrifice and service. Or his being able to debate himself for hours with all of the contrary positions he has taken.

“Analysts” and “experts” who were on the receiving end of Plame leaks and didn’t say anything? G. fucking Gordon Liddy, Tom DeLay or other criminals finger pointing? Give me a goddamn break. O’Reilly? I’d like to know if he is still sexually harassing his female coworkers – then we can talk about his opinions on other things. Limbaugh? How’re those illegal prescriptions working for you? Coulter? Hannity? Glenn Beck? When was the last time you didn’t shamelessly lie through your teeth?

Basically the entire narrative that is being pushed upon us is a bill of goods. Explaining how and why they are wrong and we are not is futile. The lies told with straight faces by people who take themselves way too seriously are laughable. So, they should be met with laughter. Period. There are some people who are hardcore into the kool aid and will never be convinced. But they can be mocked mercilessly and exposed for the clowns they are.

Wrong about Iraq. Wrong about Iran, social security and national security. Wrong about the environment, education and the economy. The list goes on and on. Even if they were lying and knew they were lying – that makes them even less credible.

They have been in control for too long. They are being exposed as frauds, imposters and lying cheaters. And they have absolutely no business telling anyone what they think is going on or should be done.

It should be dismissed loudly, forcefully and concretely so that the grown ups can actually do what needs to be done, instead of letting the irresponsible oafs continue to drive this country off a cliff.

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EyeBox said...

haha. I listened to two shows so far, and really enjoyed the military guy who was on. Keep it up!