Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The NIE is precisely why Iran must be bombed now

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See, y’all got it all backwards. None other than Norman Podhoretz just knows that this is a vast left wing and intelligence community conspiracy. Mister Bush says that this is proof that we need to step up pressure on Iran - precisely because they stopped their weapons program.

And that goes exactly with the thinking of the chest thumping “send others off to kill and die” crowd. Are you “formidable” and do you have nuclear weapons? Then sorry, we don’t want to mess with you. But if you appear to be formidable and “evil”, but aren’t really a dire (or even imagined) threat to the US, your neighbors or anyone else, then it is of utmost importance to make sure that the weapons that aren’t being developed, well, aren’t being developed.

Which makes the NIE confirm the reason why Iran must be bombed. Just look at recent past history.

Pakistan – has nukes, quite possibly sold nuclear secrets to Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea and who knows what other countries. Harbors terrorists that are launching attacks against our troops, and who were responsible for 9/11. Clearly, our friend.

North Korea - charter member of the “Axis of Evil”, thumbed its nose at the US while developing nukes and telling Bush to piss off. Too crazy to bomb, especially since one of those nukes could possibly hit the west coast of the US.

Israel - heh....(and I am Jewish)

Which brings us back to Iraq and Iran. Of course it doesn’t really matter what the facts are or who knew what and when. It doesn’t matter that this same bunch of criminals leading the drumming for war with Iran and Iraq ruined the ability to actually track what was going on with their nuclear weapons program. What matters is certainty.

Now, certainty to some may be 16 of the country’s intelligence agencies agreeing on the fact that there is no need to bomb Iran – especially after its discontinuance of any weapons program, and even as recently as this summer there has still been no sign of nuclear weapons.

But, see – that is looking at it completely backwards. Logic doesn’t apply to madmen such as Bush, Cheney, the neoconservatives at the American Enterprise Institute, er, Ahmadinejad. Witness the always sane John Bolton:

"While I was in the administration, I saw intelligence march up the hill and down the hill in short periods of time with no reason for them to change their mind," said John R. Bolton, Bush's former ambassador to the United Nations. "I've never based my view on this week's intelligence."

Forget those commie terrorist loving intelligence agencies. It is that good solid intelligence from people like Doug Feith, Richard Perle, the above luminary Podhoretz and Paul Wolfowitz that was spot on with respect to Iraq, so it must be trusted over the entire intelligence community Or we can take the sage advice of Stephen Hadley, who conveniently ignored calls and memos indicating that the “16 words” should be taken out of Bush’s SOTU Address:
Hadley added, pointing to Iran's continued enrichment of uranium, which could eventually be used to assist a weapons program. "I'm sure some people will use this as an excuse or a pretext for, you know, flagging on the effort," he said. "Our argument is actually it should be just the reverse, because we need to keep the halting of the nuclear weapons program in place."

So, don’t believe your lying eyes. The NIE doesn’t prove anything other than that Iran is more dangerous than ever, and must be bombed. After all, it may develop the weapons that it stopped trying to develop years ago. And we can’t take any chances that this clearly non-imminent threat may eventually at some point become just a plain “non-imminent threat”.

That much is clear.

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