Friday, February 29, 2008

"Some people say" that John McCain has brain damage

Why isn’t that question being asked? I mean, if there can be thinly veiled “observations” that are regurgitated, despite the fact that these “observations” come from the most nasty, insane, vile of wingnuts and are lapped up and repeated about either Obama or Clinton, then why not the flip side?

After all, the lazy journalism was trotted out by noted airhead Katie Couric to John and Elizabeth Edwards in the most tasteless manner. It seems as though the $250 million that Freedoms Watch will have in their wallet will lead to more “some say that Obama has terrorist ties” or that “there is a criticism that Clinton is too shrill” or whatever other horseshit can be conjured up to only seem a bit racist but not too racist.

So why not McCain? After all, it was his own party that questioned whether he was “a little off” from his time as a POW. And if you have seen how he just blows up at people who disagree with him, one can certainly be led to believe that the title of Senator Hothead and his erratic behavior can be a result of PTSD or just plain “losing it”.

There have been whispers about McCain’s sanity, and I think that it would behoove him to have to answer those who question it. Why not ask him outright whether he has suffered PTSD? Was it his mental lapses that led his wife to a life of stealing painkillers from a charity?

People want to know this. And I think that if people really don’t get these questions answered satisfactorily, then it could hurt his chances substantially in November. After all, if there are blocks of voters who want to make sure that their President is, in fact of sound mind, then shouldn’t this be a fair question?

Will McCain answer those who are wondering if he has early onset of Alzheimer’s? After all, his hands were a bit shaky when he was campaigning in Michigan and he is quite lethargic when he isn’t suddenly berating them for the crime of asking him questions about things that he said or his connections to lobbyists and criminals like Jack Abramoff.

There are also those who wonder whether he is too old to actually understand the complexities of the global economics and delicate foreign policy nuances that only someone with a clear head and “all of their marbles” would understand. Is America ready for someone who may have been hit on the head one too many times? Can we be sure that McCain won’t have flashbacks while in office?

I know that the people who are wondering if the republican frontrunner for the Presidential nomination actually did suffer brain damage – either while a POW or over the years since then. After all, the mind does tend to slip a bit over time, and the office of President is certainly an office that requires one to not be, as McCain’s own party said, “a little off”.

I mean, McCain owes it to us to answer these questions. After all, it is on the minds of “many people”.

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