Monday, August 11, 2008

...and herein lies the problem

As John Edwards has become the issue du jour and too many people are salivating over whether his political career is over, we now have yet another hypocritical and needless diversion from what is really important. Just like the recent overexposure of Paris Hilton and McCain’s passing the buck on his increasingly nasty and spiteful campaign, none of this means a damn thing to, oh, 300 million or so Americans.

But since it is a Democrat and since it has to do with sex and since the real horrors of what has been impacting many people on a day to day basis is getting buried and ignored just to create yet another diversion for people to either say “HA” or to get on their moral high horse (all while probably keeping their own skeletons in their closet), that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be called for the complete and utter crap that is really is.

Of course, if you want to talk about sex and politicians and the impact on their career, why not look at Larry Craig, David Vitter, Mark Foley and the years of covering up his actions, Newt Gingrich serving his wife divorce papers while she was in the hospital with cancer and of course McCain’s tossing his first wife to the curb and having an affair with Cindy the heiress?

But moving past the issue of sex, which is really only important to people who have so little in their own lives to be proud of that they have to obsess and point fingers at others to feel better about themselves, there are so many other reasons to be absolutely frustrated with the hypocritical moralists and smarmy narcissists that are once again rearing their ugly heads. Over the past week, we found out that the White House not only passed off forged documents to sell the Iraq invasion, but they forged their own documents to sell the Iraq invasion, and there is not a peep about it?

We found out that the US attorney scandal is now focusing on the White House inner circle, yet there is a collective yawn. The much ballyhooed military tribunal of Hamdan resulted in a 5 month sentence even after a kangaroo court trial - basically a repudiation of the entire administration view on military tribunals.

We just passed 500 military deaths in Afghanistan, and the Iraqi Congress adjourned without meeting one benchmark that was supposed to be the main result of the so-called “surge”, yet all we hear is the foregone conclusion that the surge worked.

Torture is still on the table. One Attorney General approved of torture memos, while also being part of voter suppression lawsuits while the latest Attorney General approves of waterboarding as long as it isn’t being done to him, and also is a chief obstructor of justice when it comes to the Executive Branch. Iraqi prisoners are being put in small wooden boxes, which of course is most certainly not torture.

Spying on Americans has been given the thumbs up by Congress, criminal defiance of subpoenas by Rove, Miers, Bolton are being allowed to set a dangerous precedent, there is more saber rattling about attacking Iran - with similar lies being trotted out by this administration, and the current republican nominee.

And speaking of that republican nominee, he has lied about just about everything, he can’t even get the difference between the Sunnis, the Shiites, Iran and al Qaeda right. He lies about his pork projects, he lies about his opponent, he lies about comments he made days earlier, weeks earlier, months earlier and years earlier. He breaks his own campaign finance rules and lies about it. He lies to the press about his top advisor/lobbyist connections and meetings he had on behalf of lobbyists.

And he gets a pass on all of it.

Private entities that made huge profits by taking tremendous risks are being bailed out by our tax dollars (in a unilateral move by the Executive Branch), but nothing substantial is being done for homeowners that are struggling and are facing foreclosure on their homes. So much for that “ownership society”. A smoke and mirrors “stimulus package” that basically used American taxpayers as conduit to send billions to the credit card, oil and gas companies and retail industries has proven to be the farce that I called it for a few months ago as the economy didn’t come close to growing in the way that we were told it would.

Gas prices are still near all time highs as the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the universe, and while offshore drilling won’t do squat in the short, medium or long term, McCain is pocketing handsomely from oil company contributions, yet none of this is being reported either.

But let’s focus on a two year old affair by someone who isn’t part of the Presidential campaign anymore, isn’t in Congress and is far from the first person in politics to have an affair. Because THAT is what is important to the people of this country.



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