Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shut up. Just SHUT UP already!!

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Is anyone else's bullshit meter working on overdrive lately? I mean, give me a friggin break already. The level of absolute mind numbing nonsense being spewed by prominent Republicans and talking meatsticks in the media has been turned up to eleven lately.

Everywhere interview I see or read, everything I watch is just one more batch of verbal diarrhea being spewed from some jackass who either just loves the sound of their voice too much so that they don't even hear the crap coming out, they just don't care how asinine it sounds or (even worse) they actually believe what they are saying.

It just makes me want to scream, "just shut the fuck up already!!!"

Let's start with Dr. Cat Killer himself, who is theoretically smart enough to know better when it comes to the absolutely fucktarted things that come out of his mouth. This man controls what legislation is brought to a vote, yet, he says that the most pressing priorities are gay marriage and flag burning. Forgetting the fact that American's trust in Congress is at an embarrassingly low point but aren't there people dying in Iraq? Isn't the deficit at record highs? Isn't the debt this country is in at dangerous levels? Aren't we falling behind in education? Aren't more people living from paycheck to paycheck? Sounds like there are a few more pressing issues than this horseshit.

And on this Memorial Day weekend, when all of the chickenshits in their cozy TV studios can sit and pretend that they are such good authorities - instead of giving well deserved attention to those who have lost their lives, what do we see?

We have fucking Tweety spewing crap to Howard Dean about why the Democrats aren't singing kumbaya about an "Iraq message" instead of talking about the chaotic mess that those in charge have created. If that wasn't enough, he had to drudge up years' old stories about Bill and Hillary's marriage. And then the topper - asking why the Democrats aren't taking advantage of the CIA leak investigation. This coming from the same guy who hid his involvement in this for years when, if he did his fucking job the American public would have known about this before the 2004 elections.

Damn, I just want to smack the taste out of his mouth. What a smug, sanctimonious assclown.

But wait, there's more. On the heels of Gore's successful and highly acclaimed movie, An Inconvenient Truth, we have the tried and true "Hitler comparisons" coming out as well. And as a bonus, we have not one but 2 fuckwads who are spewing their bile. First we have someone from an oil-company backed thinktank comparing Gore to Joseph Goebells and then this past weekend we had a "climate skeptic" actually have this printed in the WaPo magazine:

Gore believed in global warming almost as much as Hitler believed there was something wrong with the Jews.

Are you fucking serious? And for the WaPo to give this blowhard any credence whatsoever is inexcusable.

How about Russert himself? It is amazing how far he has fallen. Consider once again his apologies for the illegal wiretapping and spying this past weekend:

Here we go - civil liberties versus national security one more time.

Republicans I talked to Thursday thought the leak may have been provided by someone who was opposed to General Hayden.

Of course, it wouldn't be appropriate to discuss this in terms of Hayden quashing a legal NSA program and his support of the illegal programs that were implemented. Wouldn't that mean that Russert is actually asking the questions that he should be asking (like why are they so hell bent on breaking every law and Constitutional amendment that they can) instead of turning this very important issue to one of partisanship against illegal activities? What a tool.

But wait - what about the "God squad"? We have this holy roller who said that the lord himself told him in a dream two years ago who would be the next Governor of Florida.

Of course, we can't forget Dear Leader himself, who has the unmitigated gall to show his weasel face on Memorial Day weekend and talk about how great things are going in Iraq despite the massacre news coming out that was hidden for 6 months, more killings, riots exploding all over Afghanistan and more horrific news. To fucking stand up and desecrate the memories of the fallen heroes by giving a lying smug piece of shit throwaway speech.

The problem here is that these people need to just shut the fuck up already. Their words are empty. They have no meaning. They have no thought. Yet, these people seem to carry so much weight despite their total lack of substance.

True, we are stuck with them, but the fact that these petty stupid lies and nonsense gets SO much attention bugs me to no end. Especially with all of the really important things going on in this country, and world. ESPECIALLY on a weekend where the focus should be on those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country - only to see what these criminals have done to undo their sacrifices.

Just unbelievable. How it seems like so much more bullshit was shoveled over the past week than the usual helping served up. I just wish they would all shut the fuck up once and for all and crawl back into the holes that they came from.

Or for someone to call them on it. Call them on it loudly. Forcefully. The fucking weasels they are.


Anonymous said...

Not to downplay the situation in Iraq but flag burning and gay marriage would not even make the Top 10 Issues in America for most rational and intelligent Americans. Things like the cr*ppy new tax bill, the failing educational system, our revolving door justice system and the fact that Hollywood is barely creative enough to make a decent original movie in a year is more pressing to me than gay marriage and flag burning.

Anonymous said...

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