Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stupidity is not a defense.

Seriously, enough of this fucking bullshit already.

Bush says noone could have anticipated a breach of the levees in New Orleans.  Rice couldn't have imagined that anyone would want to hit buildings with planes.  Libby didn't know that outing Plame was a big deal.  Cheney didn't know that the Niger documents were forgeries.  Rumsfeld didn't know we needed more troops in Iraq.  Noone could have thought that the Iraqis wouldn't greet us with flowers?

Rove didn't know that he told Cooper about Plame's covert status.  Nobody knew that she was investigating Iran and nukes.  Nobody bothered to believe the UN and international experts that were searching for weapons in Iraq.  Nobody can explain the mysterious nature surrounding Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert's undocumented and fraudulently documented visits to the White House, especially in a time of war.  Nobody knows anything about Jack Abramoff.

Gonzalez and Rumsfeld didn't know that they were really authorizing the torture of innocent (hell, even if they are guilty you shouldn't torture) and illegally captured prisoners.  Or that there were a helluva lot more than a "few bad apples" killing and torturing people AND POSING FOR PICTURES in our name around the world.  Nobody took the August 11, 2001 PDB seriously.

Hayden didn't know that the NSA wiretapping program violated the law.  The phone companies didn't know that they were participating in the largest illegal data mining project ever.  Congress didn't know that they were voting to confirm people that willfully lied to them under oath.  McLellan didn't know that Rove or Libby weren't involved in the Plame leak.

BULLSHIT!!!  bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit.

These people are not stupid.  Not even Chimpy.  He may be dumb, but he ain't stupid.  These people are plain evil.

Because, regardless of whether they "legally" or "technically" say that there is plausible deniability, or people in lower ranks of the military were breaking the law and Geneva Conventions, or national security gets compromised or the Constitution is violated, it really doesn't matter why.  Saying that "I didn't know" doesn't absolve you of your responsibility.  And yes, maybe on a technicality under the law, but this responsibility goes WAY beyond the law.  

These people who have hijacked our country and crashed it headfirst into the Middle East swore to take on a huge amount of responsibility to We the People, not to mention the Constitution when they took on their roles.  Brownie and Chertoff should have, nay, were required to have made sure that thousands of people weren't stranded for days in and around New Orleans.  That thousands of people aren't still living in trailers that can blow away next month now that hurricane season is upon us again.

If you leak classified information, I don't give a rat's ass if you didn't know that it wasn't declassified yet.  I don't want to fucking hear how it was going to be declassified soon.  Because it wasn't yet.  I don't want to know what was going on in the heads of Bush, Cheney and Libby when the three of them schemed to allow Cheney to secretly and selectively declassify certain inaccurate information on behalf of Bush to Libby only so he could repeat it to some reporters.  

You should fucking know what is going on, or what you are doing.  It's your fucking job to make sure you know this.  You swore to uphold preserve, protect and defend the goddamned Constitution.  You violated that oath.  Willfully.  And for selfish and personal reasons.  What was done, in the name of stupidity, is a worse violation than any particular crime.  

These are crimes against humanity.  Against nature.  Against the environment.  Against the American public.

And "I didn't know" just ain't gonna fucking cut it.

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Agent 227 said...

Excellent rant Clam. You need to break this out everytime you hear someone call the administration "incompetent." In fact, they are very, very, very shrewd. They aren't incompetent, they are evil bastards with a plan that is right on track.