Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear republicans: Neener. Neener. Love, clammyc

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Allow me to indulge in a bit of schadenfreude as a corollary to Meteor Blades' excellent diary. And also allow me to offer up a hearty Nelson Muntz "HA-ha!" as well.

Yeah, this is only the very beginning of taking back our country and restoring our democracy. Yeah, there is a lot of work to do. But, man is this a sweet smack in the face of republicans, wingnuts, talking meatsticks, 101st Fighting Keyboardists and all those who were so sure of the "permanent republican majority" that they rubbed our collective noses in it for at least the past 2 years, if not longer.

So, your order of humble pie is ready - extra large, of course. And while we are at it, there is enough crow to go around - some for me to do, and much more for you to eat. Look at the numbers - nearly 30 House seats. Six governorship seats. Quite possibly the Senate (which was unheard of a few short months ago). A good old fashioned ass-whooping.

The headlines are ugly for you too - no way to spin this as good news for your sorry asses. MSNBC: "Tables Turned". or ABC News: "The (almost) Revolution of 2006. And the exit polls (not the actual races but the general mood) are just as telling. Corruption as the top issue - and look at how that played out in Ohio. Blackwell - gone. DeWhine - gone. Ney - already gone, and now the seat is a Democratic party gain.

And the beatings were everywhere - a seat in Kansas - KANSAS. One in Kentucky, three in Indiana, more than a couple in Pennsylvania, and even Texas. Of course, we can't forget MO-Sen. The "Show Me state" - well how about if I am one of the first to "show you" the door, former Senator Talent. Just don't let it hit you in the ass on your way out.

Might I add what a stunning rejection this is of your "out of the mainstream" views? Enjoy your "last throes" as majority, as a new era is born here in America. Some may even say that it is morning in America.

The voters have spoken - and the message is loud and clear - "Buh-Bye" to your nonsense and crap. And good riddance to you, little Ricky. And to you too, Chafee. Pretty soon it will be to you as well, Burnsie and Allen.

For all your lies. For all the corruption. For all your arrogance. For all your divisiveness. For all your greed. For all your stupidity. For all your racism. For all your hatred.

For failing to help protect our people after Hurricane Katrina. For illegal invasions, torture and chemical weapons. For pissing off the world. For not knowing the difference between Sunnis and Shiites. For "Clear Skies". For "No Brother Left Behind". For the Medicare D(oughnut hole) that is screwing our seniors. For cutting and running from Afghanistan. For running up the largest deficits and debt ever. For republican felon Jack Abramoff and his long and tangled republican web of greed corruption and crime.

For covering up for sexual predators, more earmarks and pork than any congress in history. For working the shortest amount of days of any Congress. For "supporting our troops" with car magnets, lies and catchphrases instead of body armor and equipment. For being a rubber stamp for failed republican and "conservative" policies. Hell, for any of these other 100+ reasons.

I could go on and on. But I don't want to, and frankly I don't need to. To my former friend-turned-wingnut, what was that you said about the Democratic Party becoming irrelevant? What was it you said about Howard Dean being the DNC Chair as a gift to the republicans? About the country moving further and further to the right? About that permanent majority?

To those who think that it is more scary to have "Speaker Pelosi" than to have our borders, ports, airports, railways, power plants and infrastructure ignored like the republicans have - well....maybe eventually you will come back to the "reality based community". If not, well then, enjoy YOUR irrelevancy.

Sanity has won. The country has won. So for that, we should rejoice at our incredibly hard work (unlike, you know, saying that it is hard work but not actually DOING the hard work). But we should also indulge ourselves, and stick it to those who stuck it to us for so long. Even if it isn't "good sportsmanship".

Screw "good sportsmanship" for now. They don't use it, and I will be the first to say that the "good sportsmanship" provisions are quaint and outdated with respect to the battle that we have been fighting.

Today is a good day. A very good day. Not for the fearmongering, war criminal loving, corruption accommodating, meatheads, but for the rest of us.

So all you republicans and wingnuts can go stick this in your pipe and smoke it.

Love and kisses,


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felt good to vote last night...