Thursday, April 26, 2007

Excusing this administration shows who "hates America"

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You want a talking point? Let’s talk about those who are Bush apologists. Let’s talk about those who don’t think it is a big deal to go to war under sketchy (at best) pretenses. Let’s talk about those who think that “the President can replace the US attorneys whenever he wants”, even if it is not only for political reasons, but also looking more and more like obstructing investigations.

Let’s talk about those who rally around the flag or put magnets on their cars but don’t volunteer themselves or their children for a tour in Iraq. Let’s talk about those who think that torture is ok or that it is just a “fraternity prank”. Let’s talk about those who are so quick to say that “they have nothing to hide, so what is the big deal about giving up some liberties” (never mind what one of this country’s founders said about that).

Let’s talk about those who say that it wasn’t technically illegal to leak classified information even though it destroyed this country’s ability to track nuclear proliferation. Or that it isn’t such a big deal not to provide our troops with adequate equipment and body armor, extend their tours and leave them in the middle of a raging civil war.

How does any of this show support for the basic tenets this country was founded on?

What about those who think that calling for the poisoning of a Supreme Court Justice is funny or just a joke? Or those who think that ignoring warnings about an attack against this country is, in any way, excusable. And let’s not forget those who blindly utter “stay the course”, “mission accomplished” and “withdrawal equals defeat”?

How about those who cheer the “free speech zones” or call those who dare question the motives of what our government is doing in our name (again, forgetting how another of this country’s founders talked about our rights and liberty to exercise them)? I can’t forget to mention those who think that highly questionable (at best) circumstances surrounding elections in 2000 (Florida), 2002 (Georgia) and 2004 (Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and at least a half dozen other states) are just fine. As well as those who don’t see a problem with private companies with deep ties to the winning political party running our voting process in secret.

Or those who not only think it is ok to be disenfranchise minority voters, but to be rewarded with a US Attorney position (replacing a qualified US Attorney) for running such a program.

Whose actions show disgust and contempt for America?

Let’s talk about those who cheered for impeachment of a popular President for the thinnest of charges but think that warrantless wiretapping of Americans, playing games with national security and classified information, twisting intelligence, neglecting the middle class to benefit the ultra wealthy, justifying torture and indefinite detainment, secret CIA prisons and losing or misusing tens of billions of dollars in an ill advised invasion and occupation are as American as “mom and apple pie”.

And those who spread lies about war heroes who actually served, while applauding the issuance of a Presidential Medal of Freedom to three of the most unqualified recipients. Not to mention those who thought a failed land deal back in the 1980s or firing the White House travel staff were the highest of crimes but think that lying under oath or lying about Iraq’s WMDs or lying to Congress about Iran isn’t such a big deal.

Who is the “true patriot” and who really loves this country?

Enough fearmongering. Enough fingerpointing. Enough lying. Enough of this “deny, deny, accuse”. Excusing this behavior is, frankly, inexcusable. Excusing this behavior is unpatriotic. Excusing this behavior goes against the basic framework of what this country was founded on.

And I am way past the point where this behavior is not only overlooked, not only tolerated, not only cheered, but NOT called exactly what it is.


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