Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Suffering? How DARE you, Laura.

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“No one suffers more than their President and I do”? Are you that vain and self centered, Laura? Have you been dipping into the pills again? Do you have ANY idea how it feels to lose a child? A spouse? A parent? A limb? To watch death and destruction every single day? Up close?

Do you live with PTSD? Do you get whatever medical care you need whenever you need it? Do you have flashbacks of narrowly dodging bullets or IEDs? Have you seen a friend killed right in front of you (oops, scratch that – you caused that one yourself)? Do you have recurring nightmares of bloodshed and bombs falling all around you nonstop?

Have you lost all of your possessions and watched your community fall apart due to a hurricane that everyone else in the world saw coming? Do you have to work two to three minimum wage jobs, just to barely pay the bills? Have you had to choose between purchasing medication for you or food for your children?

Have your children been sent on multiple tours to fight a war that was based on lies? Do you have to wait months just to see a doctor? Do you have to postpone or not get a surgery that you would need to save your life because your insurance doesn’t cover it? Has a family member lost their job because someone blew their covert status as an undercover agent working for the United States?

Have you had to take a job that paid half as much with no benefits because your old job was moved overseas? Have you lost your medical coverage because you could no longer afford it? Do you have to live in fear that every day could be the day that you are killed by an enemy in a country that you have no business being in to begin with?

Have you had to bury a child whose life was needlessly cut short? Did you ever receive a phone call from a loved one to let you know that they are stuck in a burning building with no way out? And then hear that they had to jump 85 stories to their death because it would cause them LESS suffering? Have you found out that the US Government has lied about the circumstances about a family member’s death for propaganda purposes?

Have you had to declare bankruptcy due to mounting medical bills, only to drown under the crushing debt? Have you ever had to beg for food because you were homeless? Have you had to hold your dying friend’s hand after his or her body armor failed to stop a sniper’s bullet?

Have you had a family member be rounded up off the street, flown to another country to be tortured, only to be released without charges? Have you been held indefinitely as an “enemy combatant” even though there is no reasonable cause or any charge filed against you?

Suffer? SUFFER????? You can’t even begin to fathom the immense level of suffering that your husband and his administration have caused. To this country. To the Iraqis. To our troops. To future generations.

You should be ashamed. You should be disgusted. You are a disgrace.


Anonymous said...

When her two drunk-ass skank daughters enlist and go to Iraq and fight and then return in caskets...then and only then MIGHT I cut her wsome slack.

She appears to be as insensitive and self-delusional as the Idiot-in-Chief...I didn't think that was possible.

Martiki said...

Laura and George deserve each other. They both exhibit sociopathic traits.

Jill said...

Further proof that men marry their mothers.

Anonymous said...

I am sure she feels she suffered more than the family of the young man she killed so many years ago as well