Thursday, July 12, 2007

Um, Congress...Gonzo lied to you. Again. Dump him. Now.

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Once again, we have found out that Alberto Gonzales lied to Congress as the release of an FBI report shows that he knew that there were civil rights abuses from the Patriot Act when he told Congress there were none that he knew of.

That makes at least two documented lies to Congress, (the other being about the Senate confirmation of Bush appointed attorneys), on top of his other lies to reporters, stonewalling about pretty much everything this administration has done, crafting legal “justifications” for torture and whatever else he has done to Make John Ashcroft look like a saint in comparison.

In March, Senator Schumer said that he had evidence that Gonzales lied under oath. Yet, nothing has been done since then. Just the other day, Rep. Nadler (D-NY) called for resignation and a special prosecutor. I’ll take this moment to point out that, also back in March (when everyone was taking bets on when Gonzales would resign), I said point blank that he will never, ever resign.

Sadly, I am turning out to be right here, as stall, lie, projection, obstruct justice, feigned outrage, run out the clock and dare Congress to actually do something other than issue letters has been the modus operandi for this criminal administration and its enablers since November. As a result of this, Democrats have looked weak – not taking nearly enough credit for the good they have done, and getting dragged down by investigations and threats that have yet to go far enough – in some instances despite overwhelming evidence of crimes and behaviors that warrant strong punitive action (and for the politically squeamish, at little political cost).

Which is why it is absolutely imperative for Congress to not just call for resignation, not just write letters of disgust, not just call for a special prosecutor (as we know how that can turn out anyway – especially if there is a quid pro quo within this administration anyway to lie and cover up and obstruct justice).

It’s a no-brainer – Gonzo must go. Now.

If Schumer is right, and there is proof that he lied, and we now know there is more proof, then have the House start impeachment proceedings against Gonzales. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain here. As I stated in my diary about why Gonzales will never resign, he is inextricably tied to Bush, this administration and its egregious power grab and policies. ALL its’ policies. And, the stonewalling and coverup of these policies and decisions. He is the lynchpin to this house of cards.

The administration isn’t just not playing by the rules, it is playing a game of Calvinball with the justice system and the Constitution. As for the “we don’t have the votes” issue, well, sorry for not giving a crap here – we have “proof” (right, Senator Schumer?) so if any republican wants to stand behind a man who has lied to Congress, not to mention probably violated enough ethics rules to get disbarred if he were anyone other than Alberto Gonzales, let them.

He should be their anchor. If impeachment barely passes the House and it is called “partisan political witch hunts”, well then point out that supporting someone that is lying to Congress (by the nation’s top prosecutor, nonetheless) is indeed partisan politics.. If any Senators want to vote against conviction – in the face of documented proof of lying before Congress – let them go down with Gonzales and this administration.

How’s that for a campaign ad? Especially for those 21 republican Senators who are up for reelection. Don’t know many that would be keen on defending a position where they didn’t want to convict someone of lying to Congress.

Gonzales is the key to this administration. If he goes, so does the justification for all of its actions. As well as its’ point person for stalling and covering up. Most importantly, it will show that the Democrats are serious about oversight, are willing to play hardball and not roll over to Mr. 26% and his thugs.

Plus, you know, it could help actually move the investigations along and help with that public image that many of the Democrats are so worried about.

This is how you get to this administration. If Gonzales is impeached, the administration is cut off at the knees. And justice will finally be served against those who so carelessly trampled on our Constitution for the past 6 ½ years.

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