Sunday, July 29, 2007

What will it take to end this madness?

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I ask this as a serious question.

One that requires more than a cry for impeachment, or calls for inherent contempt as a response. Or boycotts, more investigations - even total election domination, for that matter (although that would humiliate the republicans and would be oh-so-satisfying in a schadenfreude kind of way).

Pretty much everything is broken. The electoral system, checks and balances, healthcare, the government, our military, infrastructure and any semblance of fairness for at least 75% of the American public. Each day brings more news that is so outrageously disgraceful yet it is met with “just another fucking thing” and a shake of the head.

Where to even begin? What is more important – getting out of Iraq or affordable healthcare for the tens of millions who don’t have it? Election integrity or restoring the Constitution? Keeping the United States adequately protected from natural disasters (let alone terrorism) or reversing the environmental standards that have declined over the past few years? Helping the middle class or dealing with the declining overall health of this country’s citizens or making sure that Medicare will be able to take care of all these people? Fight the lies and hatred of those on the right to shine a light on reality or keep up investigations that will shine a light on the crimes of the past six years but will probably not result in the removal of anyone from office?

You get the picture. The foul rotten stench of modern day republicans and its alliance with corporate money as well as fundamentalism and neoconservatism has so thoroughly permeated this country’s culture, economy and government that nothing short of a full house cleaning would do the job of ridding this cancer from America’s system. The healthcare industry, Fox News, partisan convicted criminals or idiots passing for “pundits” or experts. Our electoral system, Justice Department, judiciary, K Street and Wall Street. $1,000,000 entry fee just to run for Congress (a pretty big number), a tax system rigged towards the lucky and insanely wealthy. And so on.

There is a crisis of unimaginable levels emerging here – as a result of just about every decision (most of them willful) over the past seven years and much planning in the previous ten years or so. It is a cancer on this country, a cancer that has grown and spread. Every area is important – and there are many more areas which need addressing. I’d love to see Gonzales impeached. But what will it do in terms of his Justice Department anyway?

There has to be more to hope for than we better not fucking bomb or invade Iran. That shouldn’t be a wish. That should be a given. But with the way that some Democratic candidates are talking, even that isn’t a given if we see a Democratic President in 2008 (I’m just sayin…).

Obviously, all of the things mentioned above are of utmost importance. Do we want a republican President to have all of the powers that the Bush administration usurped gave to themselves? Hell, do we even want a Democratic President to have these powers? Unless there was an expiration date on the Executive Orders, that is a reality. Of course, all children should be able to get healthcare and elections shouldn’t be rigged from the inside.

I don’t have answers to many of these questions. I have ideas on how to do some things, but even if I (or we) were to come up with the best answers to these issues and questions, how would I (or we) get anyone to listen? Certainly, the “total electoral domination” would be a big help (and a lot of fun). Maybe it is a start. A mediocre Democrat is nearly always better than even the most reasonable of republicans. I’d take either Nelson over Snowe, Collins or Chaffee pretty much every time (but never Holy Joe).

Self-identified “independents” are trending towards these issues in pretty big numbers, but not necessarily always to the Democrats. Even ½ of the “undecided” independents could make 2008 an electoral landslide. Which means that they need to be made aware of the crimes, robbing of the treasury and middle class as well as the hijacking of our Constitution that has been done over the past 7-10 years. Which, I guess, leads back to investigations and countering the lies of the right. And so on and so on and so on.

Some of these are intertwined, and maybe it isn’t as daunting as it seems. And yeah, this may be a bit rambling, but sometimes when you stop to look around, the initial (and most logical) response is, man, things are really fucked up...”

For me, today is one of those days.


Doug said...

Before any changes can possibly be made, Congress itself is the first thing to consider. Of all the things that you mention, what can be remedied by a group of people whose "best interests" lie with the status quo?

Ulysses said...

What a great post! I don't agree with the notion that the best interests of congressional democrats lie with the status quo. Their best interests lie in keeping the Republicans' feet to the fire! Make them so obviously obstructionist that even the corrupt corporate media can't obscure the differences between the parties. Why all these vetoes? Why not allow an up-or-down vote? Republicans should be pressed to justify their unjustifiable conduct 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the "system" is not working. Along those lines, the vast majority of average (not rich - not political americans) are losing their civil rights and are not noticing. (Hmmmm is there a reason for the the "war" "Paris Hilton" and a possible "gay" politian?) I propose "the last stand for baby booners" let's take back America and the "civil rights" we grew up beliving in. Not a right wing "military" take over but, a well thought out, factual, supported by our constitution, rebellion against "big politics" big corporation" big money" machine that is curretly powering "the system" and taking away the "key to the contry" that is currently being "given" to illegal (ummmmm isn't the word illegal a "hint" that these persons have no civil rights"?) Ummm they are doing the work that average citizens do not want to do? Hey, in the 70"s it was respectable to be a carpenter - a roofer - a brick layer - etc. Ever thing it could be a way for "big corpartations" to make more money by paying the individual less to do the same work and saving on things like workmans comp, insurance, taxes etc.? (By the way - American citizens pay the difference in food stamps - mecicare etc.)
Take back the "rights" of average law abiding, hard working individuals of this county? Hey, my grand parents came to this county for freedom of "speech" (hmmmm a radio announcer loses his job because of a "verbal statement"?) by the way, don't even know the guy, never heard of him,and do not agree with what he said, but dog gone it - he had a right to say what is on his mind!
To have freedom of religion - not any particular religion - hey, isn't that the point?
To enjoy our homes (what?? gotta pay taxes to "keep" our home).....and by the way - where is the money going? Shouldn't all tax payers be given an accounting of where our money is going on the city - county- state - and federal level? Sort of like a person would receive if they held stock/of an interest in a business! A one-half cent here, a % of one's income, a % of the value of one's possisions, a % of what a person spends (add it up folks) a "fee" to get one's birth certerificte from a state agency that is already being supported by tax money.....on and on and on and on I demand (and so should you) an accounting of what my money is being spent on. Is is not a fact that the federal government only has the power to tax for and oversee interstate commerce and protection of the land of america (the military)? If so, why can they dictate to the "states" (all 50 mind you) that they will "release" certain funds if the state will "join" No Child Left Behing (by the way - that included educating (ie. hiring people who ((with or with out the proper education)) can speak another countries language) illegal alien's children at a huge cost to some indivial school systems) the "federal government" is controling state rights.
Oh, I can go on and the way - I do not own an assult weapon, I pay my taxes, I work a job, and I am an average citzen and I am sick and tired of giving away my rights.
I want to see us take back our nation - to support American citizens so that they may live the dream that they grew up beliving in.
Please forgive any gramical errors or misspellings - after all I was educated in the USA