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Deconstructing Bush’s Latest Load of Crap, er, Speech

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We can get used to more of this type on nonsense over the next few weeks as the house of cards that was the republican party continues to fall upon itself. You know - loud, boisterous, finger pointing, denial, delusional type of talk from the Decider himself, or one of his henchmen (and I'll include Rice in that group for this purpose).

And regardless of what we think, there are many out there that think "corruption happens all around" or "everyone is guilty" or just will flat out believe the lies that are being spewed. So, I have taken it upon myself for the second straight day to wade into the belly of the vile beast and see what is going on there. So, today, we can see how delusional and ass-backwards the Decider himself has become - not making any sense whatsoever, sputtering (not uttering) so many words to contradict everything that has actually been said and done by him, his rubber-stamp republican Congress and the other neocon war criminals.

This speech was given at a fundraiser for Dean Heller, who is running for Congress in what was a "safe seat" just last year.

I'll skip through the "folksy" nonsense and poor attempts at humor, but just think of him making jokes that only he laughs at and then think of that smirking snort that he does which we all love oh-so-much. Now, as you clean the vomit off the floor or your keyboards, I'll get into his speech.

I've been looking forward to this campaign because it gives me a chance to travel around the country making it clear there are significant differences in what we believe and what the other bunch believes. You take taxes, for example. You know, Dean talked about the fact that when we came in we had a recession and then there was a terrorist attack and then we went to war and there was corporate scandals, there was hurricanes and high gasoline prices -- and, yet, this economy is growing. And the reason it's growing, and the primary reason in my mind it's growing is because we cut the taxes on the working people, we cut the taxes on the small business owners, we cut taxes on families with children.

Not a good opening - to talk about the recession (caused by you), terrorist attack (which all of the warnings were ignored by you), war (that you lied us into and is going horrifically by all accounts), hurricanes (that you left an entire US region stranded and lost a major American city due to your criminal negligence), corporate scandals (which was your buddies over at Enron) and high gasoline prices (that your crony oil companies reported record profits on, despite lower output).

And about those tax cuts. Well, 97% of the last two tax cuts benefited households with incomes in excess of $200,000. Business tax cuts through the end of 2004 totaled over $155 billion - 26% of the total. And that doesn't include those great corporate tax cuts that were rammed through Congress last year either. At the same time, the working poor got little to no benefit from the tax cuts. As for the economy growing, need I point out how real wages just aren't keeping up?

Nice try, Chimpy McLiesalot....

We put an end to the marriage penalty -- or started to put an end to the marriage penalty. I really don't understand a tax code that penalizes marriage. (Laughter.) We ought to be encouraging marriage in the United States.

Encouraging marriage - unless both people are of the same sex.

See, if you let the tax cuts expire -- in other words, if you don't make the tax cuts permanent -- it means your taxes are going to go up. It's a tax increase. The way I like to put it is if the Democrats take control of the United States Congress, they're going to have their hand in your pocket, they're going to be running up your taxes. Raising the taxes on the people who work for a living, raising the taxes on the farmers and ranchers, raising the taxes on the small business owners is bad economic policy. And that's why we need Dean Heller in the United States Congress.

Oh, you'll hear them tell you up there, or over there, they'll say, well, we need to raise taxes just on some of you in order to balance the budget. That's not the way Washington, D.C. works. They'll raise your taxes and they'll figure out new ways to spend your money. The best way to balance the budget is to keep pro-growth economic policies in place so this economy grows and to prioritize how we spend your money. And the priorities I've set for the United States Congress is winning this war on terror and making sure we've got what it takes to defend the American people.

Yeah, because with Clinton in the White House, it was the first time in how many years that there was a balanced budget and a budget surplus? "Prioritize how we spend your money"?


You mean like sending it all to Halliburton or making bigger more dangerous weapons? Or opening up detention facilities all over the world? Or giving it to special interest groups and "faith based initiatives" as opposed to our roads, education system, or infrastructure?

You know, it's amazing what happens when you grow the economy. See, cutting taxes is counterintuitive for some in Washington, but when you reduce taxes it causes the economy to grow. And when the economy grows, there's more tax revenues coming in. And that's what's happened recently. And that's why we're cutting the deficit in half prior to the goal I set in 2009. We need fiscally responsible people in Washington, D.C. And Dean Heller will be a fine congressman when it comes to watching your money.

Good point, except that by CUTTING TAXES, you have less tax revenue coming in. And when you cut those taxes to the individuals who pay the most tax, well, then you have even less money coming in. As far as "cutting the deficit in half" - besides the fact that this doesn't include how many hundreds of billions for Halliburton, er, Iraq, wasn't there a SUPRLUS - the largest one ever, when you took office? Fiscally responsible? Pardon me, but hasn't your own party run everything in Washington these past 6-12 years?

Stupid dolt.

We need people in Washington, D.C. who understand that we need to make sure health care is available and affordable. There's an interesting debate up there in the nation's capital, and it's this: Who best to decide how to make decisions for health care, who best to make that decision -- the federal government, or the doctors and patients? We believe that the doctors and patients should be making the health care decisions in the United States of America. (Applause.)

And one way to make sure health care is available and affordable is to do something about these junk lawsuits that are running good doctors out of practice

There are so many things wrong with his even mentioning health care that I don't even know where to begin, or how to articulate my anger at this. 50 million uninsured. Prices spiraling out of control. Providers cutting services retroactively. People going broke from medical procedures and not even being able to declare bankruptcy to get back on their feet. Medicare Part D. You know what, just fuck you, Georgie boy. Fuck you very much on this one.

We're fighting an enemy that knows no rules. They're inhumane. They are evil people who have taken the religion and kill in the name of that religion to achieve geopolitical objectives. They're bound by a common ideology...

Jeez, if you look at what he is saying, you would almost thing (or maybe more than almost think) that he is talking about, well, you get the point. Knows no rules (or changes them when they don't want the rules to apply anymore). Killing in the name of their religion - well, not totally, but certainly calling the "other side" Islamofascists doesn't help in calling this non-religious.

You can't negotiate with these people. Therapy is not going to work. (Laughter.) The best way to deal with this enemy is to bring them to justice before they hurt the American people again.

You can't negotiate, unless you change your mind and decide that the enemy should be part of the government of the country you supposedly drove them out of (that is before you cut and ran from there to invade another country based on lies).

And that's why I thought it was important to set up a program that said, if al Qaeda or an al Qaeda affiliate is making a phone call into the United States of America, we need to know why in order to protect the American people.

Or any Americans that you don't agree with, or dare to protest your war crimes, or wear a t-shirt you don't like, or have a bumper sticker you don't like. Or know someone that knows someone that has the same name as someone that may or may not have been involved with terrorist organizations.

You know, recently, we just had an important debate in Washington, D.C. It's a debate over whether or not the Central Intelligence Agency should have a program that enabled our professionals to question high-value detainees to determine if they had information that could help protect the homeland.

Or just torture whoever they want, just for shits and giggles. Because, it has only been proven more than a few times that torture doesn't result in accurate information, and that our own CIA called it "torture" way back in the 1960s. You know, pre-9/11 when there was no threat. Except when children had to sit under their desks at school for a nuke drill, or when fallout shelters were being sold.

I have made the decision that the best way to protect the American people is to get on the offense against this enemy, and stay on the offense. There is a difference of opinion in Washington. If you listen closely to some of the leaders of the Democrat Party, it sounds like -- it sounds like they think the best way to protect the American people is, wait until we're attacked again. That's not the way it's going to be under my administration.

And how is that "protecting" going? Nuclear plants not protected. Power grid not protected. Airplane cargo holds not protected. Ports not protected. Water and food supply not protected. Illegal occupation of Iraq making us more vulnerable to attacks. Allowing the Taliban to rise up again - not protecting us. Railways not protected. North Korea - how are things going with them?

Now, the lesson I have learned from September the 11th was two -- one -- many, but two of the most notable ones were, if you find somebody harboring a terrorist, they're equally as guilty as the terrorists and must be held to account. And that's why we removed the Taliban from Afghanistan and freed 25 million people from the clutches of a barbaric regime.

You mean like our bestest friend Pakistan making deals with bin Laden to let him live freely in Pakistan? Or that Taliban that you "removed" - how's that going now?

Bush closes his delusional ramblings with a story about how his dad fought in WW2, and now Bush was talking to the Prime Minister of the WW2 enemy. However, by reading the following excerpt, I couldn't help but agree on how ironic his story was:

And I find it interesting -- not only interesting, I find it ironic in many ways that some 60 years later, the son of the 18-year-old fighter pilot was on Air Force One, flying to Memphis, Tennessee, with the Prime Minister of the former enemy, talking about how to keep the peace.

That same son, who daddy helped avoid combat service in another war and then went AWOL (or actually deserted the military that he is now sadly in charge of) was installed as president by daddy's friends and talking about "peace" when he is probably the biggest war criminal that this world has seen in at least 60 years.

Ironic indeed. But Chimpy McDumbass just doesn't get the irony.

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