Thursday, October 05, 2006

Either you support sexual predators, or you do not. Period.

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Forget it, wingnut bitches - you can't spin this one. You reap what you sow.

You were all over Clinton for sex with an intern, who happened to be of legal age (and still sadly try to equate that to what the disgraceful republicans have done to protect an internet sex predator in their ranks, regardless of whether this was "morally right" or not). And now it's all coming back to bite you in the ass. And no matter how hard you try to disown the shameful acts of your leaders in Congress, no matter how you want to compare the Democrats to this, it just ain't gonna work.

Because, no matter how hard you try to spin this, the reality is that you are either supporting sexual predators (and those who enable them), or you are against them. Plain and simple.

In the biggest "pot calling kettle black" moment of the last day or so, we have moral midget Newt Gingrich trying to explain away internet sex predators with this nugget:

"What we don't have to do is allow our friends on the left to lecture us on morality," Gingrich said at a party fundraiser in Greenville. "There's a certain stench of hypocrisy."

Um, That's hypocrisy????? See, I would think that someone who has his own corruption charges and left his second wife for someone he was having an affair with a House aide (and when she had MS) and left his first wife when she fell ill with cancer, giving a lecture on morality is more than a wee bit hypocritical, if you ask me.

And just yesterday when I was in Chicago on business, I was having lunch with an intelligent ultra conservative (around 55 years old) whose wingnuttery overshadowed his obvious intelligence in other areas. Of course, this all came back to "a bad apple" who was "a sick bastard" and "was dealt with accordingly", unlike "those liberal democrats who let society get this way" and "do it too" or "look the other way when Clinton did it with Monica".

But sorry (and I was real good in not jumping across the table - wouldn't have been a good career move) guy - I don't think that preying on minors over the internet and having your party leaders cover it up for years is even remotely similar to anything Clinton did.

So just give it up. And I'll say it real slow for you.....It. ain't. nearly. the. same. as. anything. other. than. being. and. covering. for. a. sexual. predator.

It's no conspiracy of gay staffers (jeez, if that is the best you could come up with than man, that kool aid is some powerful stuff). It's not a culture of tolerance and diversity to blame for Foley's sick disgusting behavior, nor for the shameful cover up by Hastert, Shimkus and anyone else who enabled sexual predators.

And yes, if you dare try to explain your way around this, you are supporting the protection of sexual predators. Period. No splitting hairs. No hedging. No caveats. No finger pointing at anyone else.

That means you, Tony Perkins. That means you too, Newt. And you too Michael Savage. And it ain't the fault of the voters in Florida for electing Foley either, Mr. Kristol.

This is your mess. All of you. And no, I didn't forget your sorry ass, Drudgie for blaming to pages themselves. That is the vilest, lowest of the low, most despicable way to deflect the blame and support sexual predators and their enablers.

Because - here is the deal. You are making excuses for and supporting those:

1) Who abused the trust of minors;

2) Who abused their position of power;

3) Who preyed on underage people;

4) Whose bosses went to great lengths to cover this up;

5) Profoundly impacted the lives of who knows how many minors;

6) And won't take any true responsibility for their heinous actions.

That won't fly. Not with parents. Not with anyone with a brain. Or a conscience. And certainly not with your wingnut brethren who, as twisted as their logic may be, actually do think that just being gay is evil enough to turn on you.

So to those of you who feel righteously duped, I ask "how does it feel to know that you were duped by the republicans?" Welcome to the reality based community. And while it is a shame that it took crimes of a sexual predator and his enablers at the highest levels of Congress, now you know what type of scum you have been blindly supporting all these years.

But don't you DARE try to pin this on anyone other than those whose disgusting acts are at issue here. That makes you just as guilty.

And as I said the other day, Enjoy your just desserts and side order of crow.

But don't think that you can pass of your support for sexual predators as anything other than what it is.

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I commented over at Katrinacrat, but again, VERY WELL SAID!