Saturday, October 07, 2006

Seriously, Mr. President, what ARE you thinking?

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I am actually asking that question with more than a touch of seriousness. Are you truly stupid enough to believe what you are saying when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Are you that callous as to pretty much go out of your way just because it will also inconvenience or smear others? Are you that spiteful as to do something so absolutely unfathomable and indefensible just because you can? Are you yourself so power hungry as to give the finger to any law that you don't feel like following?

I just can't figure it out. You are clearly not intelligent enough to carry out all of these different personas when it is obvious that you just don't really care about this "prez'nitting" thing, other than playing dress up and taking vacations, instead of, you know, doing your job.

How does one defend asserting the right to NOT hire people with a basic level of competency? How does one defend the desire to torture other individuals? Why would you want to, not once but twice, appoint someone to a position that NOBODY else in the world wants him to hold? Is it extreme denial that makes you willfully ignore everything that doesn't fit in with your nice little view of Armageddon the world? Or, and excuse me for saying it this way, but is it a small penis that makes you want to wave your bigger and more destructive missiles at other countries?

Is it the inferiority complex because daddy loved Jebbie more than you that gives you that empty swagger? Have you forgotten the true enemy who did attack us as opposed to our own citizens who dare question your "seemingly" reckless and dangerous behavior? Clearly, you are too much of a simpleton to think more than one or two minutes ahead. I just don't get it.

Some may say "megalomaniac". Some may say "dry drunk", although there are others who would argue with that. And some say spiteful jackass, while others say "too dumb to know better" and yet others still say "narcissistic". Never has such a simple man exemplified so many different powerfully negative traits all at once.

Iraq is a total fucking disaster, as is Afghanistan. You HAVE to know this. You HAVE to know that a whole lot of other people know this as well. Do you think that people won't know if you lie? Or do you just not care? Or are you just not interested enough to know more than the precious details?

There isn't an insulated bubble big enough for that to be the excuse for your behavior. Nobody can willingly be kept in the dark about spying on Americans in the US without a warrant. Yet, you are too lazy to even begin to listen to even a briefing about conversations you illegally recorded. I don't even think that Rice could keep a straight face and tell you that things are going well in Iraq.

Or is it you just being a wanna-be bully? You must know that you are a laughingstock around the world. That you are regarded as little more than a spoiled stupid buffoon who is in way over his head. That your own party doesn't want to be associated with you. That you think by calling democrats "terrorist sympathizers" or using the term "islamofascists" or threatening other countries (whether it be Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea or, lord knows, one day maybe Canada) makes you any less of a charlatan?

It just doesn't make any sense. No matter how I slice it. Is it compulsive lying? Just to see what you can get away with? It has gotten to the point where lies are contradicting other lies. Do you just not care if you get caught lying? Do you think there will be no consequences to being caught lying? Or do you not care? Or do you think that you have already changed enough laws to protect yourself?

So which one is it? At least if you let us know, we then know what type of mental illness we are dealing with. But right now, all we know are the symptoms of your extreme psychological disorder.

And sadly, the world is suffering the consequences of it.

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