Monday, October 16, 2006

Well, lookie who is "out of the mainstream"...

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Yeah, you Georgie. And you too, Karl. And all you wingnuts, talking meatsticks and Yellow elephants too. Guess what, brainiacs? As much as you could explain it away or shout everyone else down in the past, it's over. All of your talking points. All of your "beliefs". All in the minority. And a shrinking minority at that.

Yeah, that's right, losers. I'll say it for you real slow too, just because you yourselves don't see how thick you are just yet. Your. views. and. opinions. are. out. of. the. mainstream. And let me be the first to say, in the immortal words of Nelson Muntz: HA! Ha.

You can put on that brave face all you want, and you can be as overconfident as you want. And you can scream or point fingers all you want. You know why? Cuz people don't believe you anymore......Suckers.

So it's time that you listened to "mainstream America", Mr. 61% Disapproval Rating. And that goes for you too, Dick. You can keep on lying about 9/11 and Iraq, because the majority now sees how out of the mainstream your lies are. In fact, a full 53% of Americans know that you liars and war criminals are hiding something about 9/11. Oh, and it isn't even that close, because ANOTHER 28% think you are lying when it comes to, well, your lies about what you knew before 9/11.

How about all of us "cut and runners" (never mind the fact that you cut and ran from Afghanistan) who want to end this absolute disaster of an illegal occupation and civil war that you created? Well, we must be in our "last throes", since there are only a full 64% of us who know that your lying about the illegal invasion and occupation is only exceeded by how poorly you are handling it.

Hell, you are SO far out of the mainstream that your policies have managed to get pretty much ALL of daddy's friends hate you, your adminstration, your policies - hell basically EVERYTHING you have done and supported:

To 41 loyalists, the bill of indictment is voluminous. Some alleged 43 has betrayed his father's middle-of-the-road philosophy by governing as a divider, not the uniter he promised in the 2000 campaign. Others, like former 41 speechwriter Curt Smith, argue 43 isn't conservative enough.

"Conservatives want limited government, a balanced Middle East approach, a foreign policy that builds, not destroys, and general, not special, interest," Smith said. "Bush 41 endorsed all of the above. Bush 43 supports none."

And strangely, my die hard kool-aid drinker "friends", even your party's war heroes are joining us "terrorist sympathizers". Like Senator Chuck Hagel (a veteran) who has been saying that we need to find a way out of Iraq. And Senator John Warner (also a veteran) who dared to smear the troops with this comment:

"one week out" from his trip, there has been an "exponential increase in the killings and the savagery that's going on over there."

And that other "axis of evil" member who just tested (maybe) a nuke? Well, you can play the "blame game" and try and pin this on Clinton. But guess what, Johnny-boy? That's just out of the mainstream. Cuz when you have 70% of the people thinking that the Iraq debacle has made it more difficult to deal with North Korea, then you're just not believable. And if you want to be president so badly, you really should be more in touch with the American people, you know.

Don't think I didn't forget about you dittohead mental midgets who obviously got beaten up one too many times on the playground when you were younger. Yeah, like you, Michael Savage. You can bloviate all you want about how if Democrats win in November, it "will lead to the breakup of the United States of America". Because only the hard core ones - you know the ones whose favorite grammar school meal was paste - are still with you on that. And the rest of us, the 71% of us who are not satisfied with the direction of the country and the 63% of us who disapprove of the rubber stamp republican-led Congress, well, we just laugh at you as we watch how irrelevant you, O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest of Faux News and you ilk are becoming.

So, how does it feel? You know, to have your views be so far from what a large majority of America wants? Actually, I really don't care how you feel. In fact, piss off. You vilified the rest of us sane ones, even though you had to pretty much cheat to get and keep your criminal overlords in charge of this country. Told us we hated America. Called us traitors. Threatened us.

But, the jig is up. The rest of us are on to you. And we already knew. A few short weeks until you are no more than a mere gnat.

And this time, if you win the election, everyone is gonna know you stole it.

So there....

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