Saturday, December 09, 2006

Get your own ass to Iraq, or shut the hell up.

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Enough is fucking enough already. We have been called traitors and terrorist sympathizers and now “surrender monkeys” by the lowest of the low, the most vile filth to “grace” (and I use the term lightly) this country, our airwaves, and no doubt our daily lives. And I know that there are those who are in that camp who frequent this community – whether it be to stir up trouble or to lurk and report back as to what those “krazy kos kidz” are up to.

So, here is one for you – you want to throw more troops into Iraq, you want to “stay the course”, you don’t want to “negotiate with terrorists” (whatever, nice strawman argument there...), you want to throw billions more at an illegal invasion and occupation that was based on lies, you want to show how “patriotic” you are? Fine. Then get your ass to the nearest recruiting station and go yourself. Or, send your own kids.

But goddamn it, shut your fucking pie hole if you think that the rest of us (and this is an increasingly growing number of US citizens, including republican Senators, military leaders, Iraqis and others who don’t have their heads so far up their own asses that the smell and lack of oxygen is cutting off any semblance of rational thought) are “giving up” or are “not up for the fight”, while you sit back and make judgments about others who knew for years how much of a debacle and disgusting disaster this was bound to be.

You say we were the ones who don’t care about “freedom” or that we “hate America”. You called us every name in the book. Well, how about trying this one on for size – disingenuous lying hypocritical chickenshit warmongering fearmongering scumbag. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad. Wanna do something about it? Get on a goddamn plane and put your money where your mouth is. Put your own ass on the line, not someone else’s.

Senator McCain – you think that 20,000 more troops is the answer? Fine. You have seven children and four grandchildren. Are they all serving? No? Why the hell not?

Lazy ass xenophobic freepers and Red Staters – I am sure that most of you are of military age. You think that even hardcore neocons who got us into this mess are giving up? Well, our troops are on their third and fourth tours of duty. Your hero McCain is calling for more troops. You support this disaster. Get off your ass and go fight it yourself.

What’s that, you have “other things to do”? You are better off serving from behind a computer screen? You have children to take care of? Well, I bet those 16,000 single mothers who are serving in Iraq had other things to deal with as well. Not in shape? Have a criminal record? No worries there, because the military has lowered its recruiting standards. Better hurry up and get down to the nearest station.

Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity – why aren’t you over there? You want to blast those “sand monkeys” (real classy) back to the stone age? Go ahead – and bring any relatives with you. If you are so willing to call the rest of us out, then what the hell are you still doing here? You want revenge? Fine – get your ass on the next plane, grab a gun and what little armor is provided. No? Got other things to do? Got a life to live? A family to support? Well, how about those people who are already serving but are being charged up to 400% on loans that they need just to take care of their families?

Other plans like college or a job keeping you here? I bet those twenty six soldiers who died in the first 10 days of November or the thirty eight soldiers who have been killed the first nine days of December also had families, jobs, hopes and dreams.

Seriously, enough of your tired fingerpointing bullshit. “Elections have consequences” - remember that line you loved so much two short years ago? Well, the people have spoken, and there certainly is a mandate now to inject some sanity back into this country and the world. You don’t like it? Tough shit. You want to keep killing and dying in Iraq? Nothing is stopping you from going or from sending your own damn kids.

You called us traitors. You think our problem is that we aren’t clapping hard enough or clicking our heels together enough? You said you were the ones supporting the troops. So start supporting them. They need reinforcements. They need to see their families. They need armor and equipment. So, go. Run, don’t walk.

Otherwise, spare the rest of us and just shut the hell up already. You have no standing. You have no credibility. And you lost on November 7 when the country spoke overwhelmingly about Iraq. Too bad, dipshits. Stop your whining and bullshit. Now we truly are turning a corner. Time for sanity. You have three choices – get on board, get over to Iraq yourself, or shut your fucking mouth.

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