Monday, December 04, 2006

Stupid Spoiled Whores

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OK, so the “whores” part is really only confirmed by such sources as Page 6 and Wonkette, and the title is from one of the best South Park episodes in a long time. And while offspring of prominent politicians are generally off limits as far as being targeted goes, I think that once you reach your mid-twenties, you are old enough for your behavior to speak for itself. Besides, that didn’t stop the very classy folks from mean spirited skewering of poor Chelsea Clinton during her teenage years.

But with the recent developments regarding President Jockstrap and his “boorish” behavior (to say the least) towards Jim Webb regarding his son who is in the Marines and was almost killed last week I think it is long past time for someone to truly give Jenna and NotJenna the credit they deserve, given the times we live in. And I am all too happy to provide that service.

While daddy sends many of their fellow Americans off to kill and die for a lie, we find out how these two 25 year olds (prime military age, I might add – given the large number of our troops who lost their lives at a younger age than that in Afghanistan or Iraq) serve their country. Just last week (at the same time that Senator-elect Webb’s son stared death straight in the eye), we have to hear stories about how NotJenna’s purse was stolen, as well as these two fine upstanding citizens go partying around Argentina (leading to the whole “did they or didn’t they run naked through their hotel") and be “asked” to leave the country.

Lost in all this is the fact that if the Secret Service can’t even stop someone from stealing from a member of the first family then what is to say that the Secret Service can protect them from having something even worse happen to them?

Those poor things. So upset that they are “victims” of daddy’s job, and unhappy about the limelight which has been thrust upon them. Of course, they are quick to follow in Chelsea’s footsteps of, you know, actually being a grown up:

Jenna and Barbara Bush "have not campaigned or reined in their adolescent rebellions," Washington Post reporter Ann Gerhart says in the book published this week, "The Perfect Wife: The Life and Choices of Laura Bush."

"They have not appeared engaged in any of the pressing issues their generation will inherit, nor shown empathy for the struggles facing their mother and their father," Gerhart says. "They don't show their faces at the White House often."

And that was two years ago. My, how they have grown since then. It must be nice to not feel up to getting a job for the couple of years after graduating college, all while still being able to jet around the world, partying in NYC every night and have college graduation trips to Spain, Moscow and Prague. And even now, while more and more of our fellow citizens are on their third and fourth tours in combat, it must be oh-so-nice to have the luxury of just hanging around and partying until maybe deciding to find a teaching job in Latin America.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a little fun or blowing off steam. Hell, I won’t even hold the “fake ID” incident against them – since so many people have fake IDs in college. But at a time when the president – their father, doesn’t think twice about sending other people’s children off to die, and at a time when many families have to work two or three jobs just to put enough food on the table, you would think that there may be a slight sense of responsibility to set some sort of example (and yes, the entire Bush family has done a real bang up job of that over the years) of maturity or responsibility.

And since I am being chartiable, I won’t even take the cheap shot of saying that they should enlist in the military, even though that would be the only moral thing for these two to do. But damn, they are in their mid-twenties already. A time that thousands of our own troops will either never get to see, or never get to enjoy – all because of the stubborn “oopsies” of President petulant poopie pants. While I don’t expect them to have one shred of decency since the apples don’t fall too far from the tree, there are some very basic questions and telling actions. Have they attended one military funeral? Have they spoken up once about the service that our troops are providing for this country? Do they even know that a “war” is going on at all – started by their own father? Do they even care?

It is absolutely appalling that in the very same week, we have to hear stories of two ripe-for-the-military aged spoiled brats go parading and partying around a foreign country – a country that (regardless of whether there are denials or not) has at least raised the specter that they are not welcome, all while their father the “commander” in chief willingly insults a Senator-elect about his son who is serving in a bogus “war”.

The contrast couldn’t be more clear as it was over the past few days.

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