Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hey Georgie - daddy STILL thinks you are a failure

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So George – you got your pound of flesh. The “guy who tried to kill your dad” has been executed. It must feel good. You know – because you had you eye set on invading Iraq as far back as 2000.

Because, you know, back in 2002, your comment was, “Fuck Saddam, we’re taking him out”. And because you got your invasion (regardless of whether the facts were being fixed around the policy), then that is all that matters – since Saddam was a very bad man.

But that still doesn’t change the fact that daddy would have never invaded in the first place. Or that daddy’s friends had to try and bail you out (yet again).

Or that Jeb is daddy’s favorite. Not you. And you never will be.

Oh, I bet you feel vindicated that you can now try and blow more smoke about how Iraq is better and the “people of Iraq are better off” but that won’t work. Not while there are still hundreds of people dying in Iraq every day. Not while the 3,000th US soldier will be killed in Iraq today or tomorrow. Not when most of the country and the world sees through your empty bullshit words like “surge” and knows that you just want to escalate this disastrous occupation even more.

Not us. Not Iraqis. Not the world at large. And not daddy either.

You see, daddy sees the big picture – even if he is misguided at times. He knows that actions have consequences. That you can’t do something half-assed. Or that if you are to invade and occupy a foreign country – a sovereign country – you better not lie your way into it. And you better plan for the worst possible scenario (as opposed to winging it). Or even better – listen to the experts. But alas, those were more of daddy’s friends and by listening to them, you would be admitting to your own failure.

So here we are – you avenged daddy’s near death. After all, that was the whole point all along, yes? Just like Scarface, right? Or maybe it was because Saddam was sitting on all that oil, and by stealing it you could pay back daddy’s oil industry friends who kept bailing you out even after you failed where very few could have failed – oil ventures in Texas.

Either way, this hardly makes up for it. It won’t win any points with daddy. See, he still knows how bad Iraq is fucked, even though you won’t admit it yourself. He knows that Osama is the one that you took your eye off of – even if his family and yours are good friends. He sees through your line of nonsense that not capturing Bin Laden is “a success that hasn’t occurred yet”.

Another thing, George – daddy is a smart man. Who knows a lot of very important people and also happen to be smart men. And daddy has known them for years. They even trusted each other. Men like Richard Clarke. Men who you strongarmed and refused to listen to, even though they were right. Or men like Colin Powell. A man who you likely also strongarmed and threatened unless he lied for you and ruined what could have been a stellar career of service to his country.

And now, a many like former President Bill Clinton. Another very intelligent man. And one who also turned out to be right about many of the things that you were not right about. Daddy even likes to hang out with Clinton and they have spearheaded worldwide humanitarian efforts when you didn’t even care that a tsumani wreaked death and destruction a few years ago.

So, I hate to burst your bubble (actually, no I really take joy in it) Mr. Decider. But this changes nothing. Daddy still thinks you are a failure and a loser. And he is so ashamed of you that he cries just talking about “what could have been” for brother Jeb if only you didn’t go and fuck that up that too.

Yes – Saddam is no longer alive. As you would say, the era of an evil regime that is hell bent on bullying and threatening other countries with WMDs is over.

We too will be saying that.

In January 2009, if not sooner.

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