Saturday, March 11, 2006

Doonesbury bitchslaps Bu$hCo fundies on science

As much as many of us may have seen it coming, and as much as it isn't surprising in the good old "Unintelligent Sheeple of America" , I still shake my head at how far into public consciousness, popular discourse and discussion the following terms have made it:

"intelligent design", "family values", "Clear Skies Initiative", "No Child Left Behind", "faith-based initiatives", "culture of life", "pro-family"....well you get the picture.

And in waiting for the tide to turn as most of Murka wakes from its 5 year slumber, we know we always have a friend in Garry Trudeau.

Link to strip is here since it is too big for this page.

Sheer brilliance.

I mean, it's always nice to see things like this published. And it always gives me a smile to see something like this printed - in a Utah paper nonetheless. Oh, and we can't forget how something like this will help in 2008 when McCain has to explain this:

he has endorsed teaching intelligent design alongside evolution

Or seeing this about little Ricky and these idiots voted off the school board.

Although Doonesbury has traditionally pulled no punches, I can't really remember a time when it called bullshit and layed the smack down on an entire segment of the population, or an entire movement. Certainly Trudeau has never been shy about the president or other politicians, or their policies and decisions. But the White House Situational Science Advisor perfectly captures the cronyism, the lies, the changing of scientific study results, the silencing of critics or just flat-out distorting of science.

Sadly, we are the ones suffering the consequences of this collosal clusterfuck of an administration, but it is nice to be reminded that we were right in calling bullshit and that another few baby steps have been taken forward towards taking back our country.

Let us only hope that Eleanor Clift is right with her comments.

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