Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What's wrong with "being angry"?

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A new theme seems to be emerging. First they ignored. Then they mocked. Now they are scared, so they pull out the attack card.

Lieberman's campaign manager calls Ned Lamont "angry". Gore is accused of being "angry". Newsweek is even reporting that the GOP is calling Hillary and other Democrats "too angry". And interestingly enough, many of us on dKos say that the Dems aren't angry enough at all, but that is an issue for another day.

Even funnier is that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is calling Daily Kos a "far left wing hate filled site".

Do they think this is a good idea? Are they THAT clueless as to the utter destruction they have wreaked across this once-proud country as well as many areas in all corners of the world?

So, they may call us angry. Let 'em. We may be angry. But guess what? The masses are getting angry too. Real fucking angry. Angry like this. And angry like this. And this, this, this, and this.

And you know what else? We SHOULD be angry.

Angry that we were lied into a war that had no post-"Shock and Awe" plan. That record deficits and debt exist where just 6 years ago we were actually in a surplus. That environmental laws and regulation on industry was eroded, leading to accelerated global warming, lack of safety for mines, and devastating earthquakes, mudslides, hurricanes and tsunami. That innocent people (or anyone for that matter) are tortured, or permitted to be tortured or secretly sent to another country to be tortured - all in our name.

Angry that they ignored the 2001 PDB about Bin Laden striking in the US. That Bush started to plan the Iraq war right after 9/11. Or that he wanted to invade long before that. That the Project for a New American Century is ignored by the MSM. That they let North Korea build a nuclear weapons program. That they let billions of dollars get wasted and lost in Iraq. That our educational standards and scores have decreased compared to other nations. That science is ignored and the bible is taken as the supreme law of the land. That they are in bed with those who make voting machines with no paper trail and spotty (at best) record of working correctly.

Angry that a bankruptcy bill was passed that favors the credit card companies at the expense of We the People. That "tort reform" legislation was passed that favors insurance companies at the expense of We the People. That "Medicare reform" was passed that favored the drug companies at the expense of the elderly. That cronyism led to unqualified people at all important positions. THAT THEIR INCOMPETENCE LOST AN AMERICAN CITY!!!

Angry that they play the fear and race card every chance they get. That they used illegal chemical weapons including depleted uranium and white phosphorus on innocent people. That they are all fucking corrupt. That they damage national security by outing a covert CIA operative and her front company that was investigating and tracking WMDs and Iran. That they allow for illegal and unconstitutional wiretapping of US citizens. That they detain innocent people indefinitely without due process. That they throw you in jail for exercising your first amendment rights.

Angry that they suck at the teat of a radical right wing ultra hypocritical religious cult to erode basic human rights. Terri Schiavo. Bill Frist's insider trading. "Intelligent Design". Duke Cunningham. Republican felon Jack Abramoff and his ties to Delay, Bush, Newt, Reagan, Ralph Reed, Bob Ney and Ken Mehlman. Coingate in Ohio. "Culture of life". Angry that they have turned their backs on the working class, the poor, the elderly and the sick.

So, let them paint Dems as "angry". Let them call us angry. They stole our country, and we should be angry. It's their monster they created. Let them deal with the consequences.

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