Monday, March 13, 2006

Once again, fuck Duke

OK, Reddick is a fine 3 point shooter. And yes, they are a very good team. But just remember - my Hoyas beat their asses earlier in the season. Of course, they get the #1 overall seeding even though there are at least 4 teams that are better than they are, including 2 from the Big East.

They won't win.


Let everyone get on the Duke bandwagon and tear up their pools as soon as they lose in the Elite 8 or the Sweet 16. I'll laugh my ass off, just as I do every year. Because out of all the rules I have about picking the tourney, I have 1 rule that I ALWAYS stick with.

Don't pick Duke to win. Sure, they may win every now and again, but way more often than not, they don't win. How many people pick Duke to win EVERY Fucking (with a capital F) year? And you know what else? When Duke happens to wins it all, there are only 75% of the other people in the poll that also picked Duke.

So, I never pick Duke. And I have won at least 5 pools outright in the last 16 years and have come in the money a few more times (including the HUGE win by UCLA in the 90s). I don't know much else about this year's brackets yet, but I can tell you this.

Duke won't win. And I will have a better chance to win because of that.

And how many former Duke players are NBA stars? I count one (Brand), and countless letdowns (Laettner), whoopsies (Hurley and that guy from a few years ago) and many many overrated NBA scrubs.

So, fuck Duke.

(oh, and don't ever pick Arizona to win more than 1 game, 2 TOPS. This has worked like a charm).

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