Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Roundup

RIP to Kirby Puckett. A sad story for one of baseball's greater players, and certainly one of the 80's best Strat-o-matic players....

Dear Leader's latest approval numbers are in Nixon territory now. We can expect another terror warning any day now.

Looks like Chris "Tweety" Matthews has a hard on for Boehner (how can I resist that one?)

Um, Mr. Bonds - do you think that noone suspected anything when your head doubled in size and your arms suddenly tripled in size AFTER reaching the age of 35?

Big East Conference Tourney starts today. Go Hoyas!!!

This is just creepy.

Looks like the GOP is just peachy with wiping their ass with the 4th Amendment.

And on the flip side, it looks like the states are taking the lead on pressing for impeachment.

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DHS said...

With all the other news going around, it's kind of sad that I'm going to comment on Bonds. Drugs or not, I think he's a Hall of Fame player, though certainly a douchebag personality-wise. And what's this exile about Sosa, etc. Have they all retired, Sosa included?