Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Roundup

Interesting new developments in the pre war lies and smears about Valerie Plame, aluminum tubes and other stuff. Do we now have irrefutable proof that Bush and his crew knew and lied?

Glad to see that Jill Carroll was released. Too bad those lovely folks at the rightie blogs are showing their true colors again.

I'm glad that the NBA is focusing on the important things. But it does look silly....

I thought the Onion was supposed to be fake news. Watch this come true 35 games into the season if the Yankees don't get off to a 25-10 start.

Next time you find yourself in the hospital, you may be getting "special services"...

This is too hysterical. If you scroll through the comments, there are others that are just as good too.

Now, I have been here, and it is huge - you can't miss it, even if you try. Unless you are just stupid.


sputty said...

Yeah, definitely agree with the comment about the NBA...they're always dealing with the 'important' issues.

But will the NBA really stand up to someone like LeBron, who is seen as the next coming of MJ? We shall see...

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