Friday, March 10, 2006

The Roundup

This can't be good at all. Biggest. Oil. Spill. Ever.

LET'S GO HOYAS!!!! A trip to the Big East finals is on the line....

Tell me the one again about them only spying on the "evil terrah-ists".

The Secretary of the Interior has just resigned. Nothing wrong with a republican Cabinet member being linked to Republican felon Jack Abramoff, right? Still only a Republican scandal.

Guess how many Iraqi civilians were killed since this illegal invasion started? Give up....well noone else knows.

They have a mercy rule in the World Baseball Classic? too funny. do they have "do-overs" too?

This is too funny. All in the name of, um, safety....

Hat tip to my lovely wife Jen for being way ahead of the curve on this.

Hee hee....

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DHS said...

Thanks for the link to the Alaska oil spill. That was the first I heard about it.