Monday, March 13, 2006

The Roundup: mini-sports edition

Hat tip to Thrax for filling me in on the latest Islander mishap. At least we don't think this was caused by Mad Mike.

G'Town got hosed with a 7 seed. But I think I'm gonna be on the UConn bandwagon. Which will be interesting since the lovely wife went to 'Nova, even though the Cats have a tough bracket....I can see UCLA surprising and Tennessee crashing.

There was so much trading going on at the NHL trading deadline that it surpassed even my biggest fantasy sports housecleanings.

I never thought that anyone could screw the Knicks up worse than Layden. Now we get the Curse of the Isiah (scroll down to Knicks news).

So sad. The host of Press Your Luck just died in a plane crash. I guess the whammys finally caught up to him....

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