Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Roundup: Sunday AM Edition

Remember the hooded Abu Ghraib prisoner? Well, turns out that he wasn't a criminal at all. Boy does this make me wanna put on that "patriotic" Lee Greenwood song and turn the volume all the way up....(hat tip to remove office at Daily Kos)

Caught the Allman's last night at the Beacon. A solid show, and Frampton came alive as special guest. Seriously. He was really and unexpectedly good.

....and THIS GUY is a United States Senator - now that is a scary thought. Full article here.

Tell me again how we are "being made safer"?

This is just another reason why Feingold should be our next President. He has been as consistent as can be, a true progressive, doesn't grandstand, has been WAY ahead of the curve on just about everything, and even voted to confirm some of Bush's more questionable and controversial appointments. One of the only true good ones in Washington.

It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.....finally!!

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