Friday, March 17, 2006

The Roundup: Big East redemption edition

At least my Hoyas and Jen's Wildcats have made up for the embarrassing 0-3 start that the Big East got off to this week. Tough next game for G'Town who has Ohio State at a virtual home game in Dayton. Fucking NCAA selection committee.....

This is a bit much
. I wonder if they can ask him whose idea it was to make up a rumor that Paul was dead...

Let me guess....despite this, no Olympics medals in hockey AND basketball, we still have the best athletes in the world. Well, maybe so, but they are rich guys that don't really care about representing our great country.

Or maybe it is because of this?

Or this, this, this or this?

Now, I like Tiki, especially in fantasy leagues that give points for receptions, but this is just a dick thing to say.

What to do when your approval ratings hit the low 30s (and if you look at the question asking what word you would use to describe Dear Leader, "incompetent" came in first and "ass" came in 10th. I kid you not)? Stage a bombing campaign, of course.

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