Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Roundup (take 2)

For some reason, my browser shut down while I was 2/3 through so I am gonna try and redo this. And it's even funnier because I started the first post by saying how much was going on with the NCAAs and my baseball draft and a trip to Chicago and something else that I really didn't need to retype this whole thing again.

But, as the great Whitesnake once said, "here I go again"...

If you wanna hear some real cool music, check out Keller Williams. And if you can download stuff, then download this show with String Cheese Incident from Bonnaroo (Freeker by the Speaker and Kidney in a Cooler are 2 to listen to, and there is an acoustic Hells Bells).

Good for you, Leban. The Dolphins finally got a good QB again. Let's hope that he stays away from the "love boats". And what is up with the Vikings giving up a top QB and a top WR in back to back years for nothing?

Tell me again about how they aren't spying on americans in america? Or that it isn't for their political beliefs...

Which reminds me--please sign this. You know it is unconstitutional, and it certainly is worse than a blowjob, no matter how ugly Monica Lewinsky was or whether you like cigars.

All I can say is "who the fuck cares???"

Say it ain't so!!! Chef quits South Park.

Oh, remember how Iran was supposed to be providing bombs to the "insurgency"? Well, guess what--Bush and Rummy lied (again).

Check out my buddy Sherm's Xanga site. And tell that bastard he owes me $10!!!

Sad that Edgar has checked out but at least the guy from Rudy made amends for being such a jackass.

Oh, and UConn over UCLA. Sorry to Jen who went to Nova. Go Big East.

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