Monday, March 20, 2006

Sweet 16: A Big East Feast

after the 0-3 start in round 1, I was getting a bit embarrassed for the Big East. Then the next 5 teams to play all won, leaving a respectable 5-3 showing.

But when Pitt got creamed in the 2nd round, and Nova and UConn both went down to the wire, it was looking like an ugly #1 seed embarrassment, twice over.

Of course, both UConn and Nova ended up winning, but the biggest of the Big East wins in the 2nd round belonged to my Hoyas - crushing #2 Ohio State, and not only left the Big 10 out of the Sweet 16 for the first time in years, but making 1/4 of the Sweet 16 teams from the Big East.

And a 9-4 record so far in the Tourney.

And leaving my final 4 still intact.

Go Hoyas!!!

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